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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 5

Stitchers Season 1 Episode 5 Stitcher in the Rye

At morning someone send the book to Kirsten, she has no idea who. At stitches, they are looking for case of Justin. 449 more words


Amstrad CPC disk formats and real floppies

Things in Amstrad CPC land are pretty much as good as they are in the Atari ST land – at least, when it comes to image formats CPC emulators and floppy emulators can use. 575 more words

Amstrad CPC

The journey from 360KB to 1TB

Over the years, I have been patient and diligent is ensuring that my data stays with me over the years.

My computing and data collection journey started from 360KB floppy disks manufactured by Verbatim. 168 more words


Hula-hoops and Hiccups

{her silent mo(o)n-oh-log}


God bless you,
they say when she sneezes
on her own peppered salt
and cherry-chalked snow,

(fiddle-de-de, she flees)

Don’t you know you’re (k)not… 54 more words

Augustana (SD) Stack Floppy

Augustana (SD) Stack Floppy

Augustana ran this play in the Division II National Championship game against Lincoln Memorial. They run a cutter off of a double screen at the left block and take advantage of their big man, Dan Jansen, holding post position inside as the ball is passed to the wing. 9 more words