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Interview With Graham Boosey, the director of Wrieuw Recordings

Interview With Graham Boosey, the director of Wrieuw Recordings

Once upon a time, through the modern ways of interactive typing and connecting,
two computers connected from two very different locations in the world to engage in a ‘chat’. 1,718 more words


Floppy Joe

Well what a shockingly embarrassing type of weekend I have just had. I got two perfect opportunities to get with two different (fairly) attractive chicks but for reasons which I will explain; I completely cocked it up! 571 more words

8 Ways To Reuse Your Old CDs And Floppy Disks

In case you have many CDs, DVDs and floppy disks around the house and don’t really know what to do with them, we might have an idea. 29 more words

Hackaday Retro Edition: Androids And Amigas

Tiny ARM boards are everywhere, and if the Raspberry Pi is any indication, they’re mostly used for emulating old consoles and computers. With only a $30 single board computer, it’s easy to emulate an SNES, Apple II, C64, or any of the other piece of classic 80s or 90s hardware. 202 more words

Hackaday Columns

PS/2 Model P70 Floppy Drive Repair

I obtained an IBM PS2 Model 70 luggable computer last year and it worked well except for the floppy drive.  PS2 floppy drives are notorious for short lifespans. 1,024 more words

Vintage Bitage

"Fun Kid's Book" —Gary Roen, Reviewer

Frozen Floppies
John Hope, author
Mark Wayne Adams, illustrator

“Floppies are little creatures who have many different adventures. The author and artist bring to life in two art forms the world of the Floppies. 39 more words