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Making Vintage Computing Easy, The Hard Way

If you want to not take for granted how easy and seamless computers have become, take up vintage computing as a hobby. If you venture down the retro path, you’ll quickly question how anyone ever got any useful work done with computers, and the farther back you go in computer┬áhistory, the more difficult everything seems to become. 234 more words


Featured Teddy sibwing: Fwoppy Teddy

Hewwo evwyone! My name is Fwoppy Teddy! I am Teddys wittle sister. I wike to sing and dance and pway hide and seek wif my bwothers and sisters. 110 more words

Teddy Bear

Oregon Trail

The Original Oregon Trail computer game, 1985…

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There’s this lady that I see every day. She is normally laughing with peers in dull t-shirts and jeans. She does, however, occasionally wear mascara and bold lipstick. 411 more words

Fit to be Counted

I don’t record the calories I eat or count my steps. I do need to calculate the carb-to-insulin ratio for my injections but that is to maintain decent blood sugars and dietary needs. 681 more words

'The Last Jedi'


Deboning the bird

Makes a floppy impression

Dead middle finger