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These journal pages were repositories for left over paint on my brushes when I was painting Series 1. In case you forgot, I took the Bloom True class from… 352 more words

Let Go says Flora B

I have been ‘battling’ somewhat with a canvas these past couple of weeks, and thought I’d share some of that process with you.

I already ‘can paint’ and yet.. 529 more words

Denise Daffara Art

Creating from the Heart

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”   ~ Marc Chagall

This past year I became a student of… 290 more words


Series I - 6

This is the first of two paintings I made while taking the class “Bloom True” from Flora Bowley. I love the background. I reached a point in the process where it was time to add dark values, picked up the dark purple and drew a line, then another, and suddenly I had a pear. 12 more words

Series I - 5

This one is called “Cornwall Park”.

I remember eating tuna casserole and macaroni & cheese with hamburger steak as a child. My parents didn’t have a lot of money so my dad fished a lot. 237 more words

Series I - 4

This is the first of four 5×7 inch canvases I painted using the same techniques but with smaller brushes and tools, and shorter marks. It is titled “Twin Peaks”. 89 more words


One reason I haven’t posted much in recent weeks is that I’ve been spending a bit more time in my studio. Yay me!

Since we’ve moved, the transition to a new home, getting settled, traveling, waiting for my studio space to be completed, all impacted my ability to engage in creative activities. 645 more words