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Do you block yourself from feeling?

Are you blocking yourself from feeling?
Bracing yourself against sensual experiences?
Afraid of what will happen if you let it all in?
Are you afraid if you let the emotions flow, they won’t stop? 197 more words

Intentional Creativity

A Memory Book

I had a small children’s book with me in Portland. It’s an old Dick and Jane reader from the 1950’s. We were to use the pages as a palette for working in our passports. 26 more words

Art Journaling

Intuitive Painting - Ignite Your Creativity

Immerse yourself in the world of abstract artist and intuitive painter Flora Bowley.

In this epic three-part course, you’ll not only learn how to observe the world around you and tap into your creative intuition, but also how to take a brave, curious and open-minded approach to painting with acrylics. 20 more words


“With each new painting, I challenge myself
to do something — anything — that I’ve never done before.
This game keeps me from falling into habitual ruts…

24 more words

on creativity, intuition and making time

“You should make books and sell them at the Farmer’s market!” said a co-commuter, as we were waiting for the train this morning.

I was bringing in a large unused canvas I had stashed in our shed to give to a coworker, and my commuter friend asked me, “Oh, do you paint?” 861 more words


From the High Dive

Happy 2016!

It’s been a while. I could wax on about the whys and wherefores—about the assault on my sensibilities as Paris and San Bernardino were terrorized, about the vanities and vagaries of politics (Oy!), about the family dramas and health crises of loved ones—about the avalanche of words and emotion that overflowed in my head, but strangled the words in my throat and left the page blank. 1,196 more words


Poppy fields

My obsession with poppies continues. This painting was created when I couldn’t decide what to do with a painting that was “too busy” and toned it down by outlining poppies with acrylic paints. 18 more words

Art Techniques