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Art: One day she just let go

I love this illustration by gapingvoid.com cartoonist Hugh MacCleod; it sums up perfectly what’s going on for me right now:

Flora Bowley’s art course is all about letting go – of expectations and preconceived ideas of what you can and cannot do. 198 more words


New painting from old

Sometimes looking at an old painting that you never really liked is a great opportunity to reinvent and start afresh without having to confront the scary blank canvas. 388 more words

Art lesson: Ignore most of what you say to yourself!

I’m learning lots of lessons on Flora Bowley’s art course and the Number 1 lesson is to ignore most of what I tell myself.

For example, there have been at least three exercises during the course that I’ve responded to less than enthusiastically. 173 more words


Art: Things are starting to happen

Yippeee! After adding layer after layer of paint to my canvases, ONE of them is finally starting to look like a painting that might actually be finished sometime soon… 37 more words


Art: A peek at one of my canvases

Remember those sketches I did the other day? Well, I have now added some shapes to one of my canvases and I thought I’d share it with you so you can see how it’s developing. 119 more words


Art: Things I’ve never done before

I’m experiencing lots of firsts on Flora Bowley’s art course. The first ‘first’ is turning my kitchen into a makeshift art studio!

Here is one of my canvases conveniently situated next to the fridge (we artists must keep hydrated): 156 more words


Art: Trusting and letting go

I am 11 days into Flora Bowley’s ‘Bloom True’ painting course and to say I am loving it would be an understatement! (Though ‘painting course’ is a bit misleading to be honest. 188 more words