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Flower Tutorial: Flowers & Produce

While looking for interesting ideas for Easter arrangements this year, I saw quite a few ideas involving either fruit or vegetables. That quickly became the theme, and I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. 550 more words

Floral Design

Flower Tutorial: Simple Foam Arrangement

In this fifth installment of the flower tutorial series, we’ll be going through the steps of creating a large, but technically simple, foam arrangement.

You will need: 1,104 more words

Floral Design

Flower Tutorial: Large Vase Arrangement

In this floral tutorial (number 4!), we’ll go through the process of making a large, one-sided vase arrangement. One-sided means that all the flowers will be viewed from the front, and this time of arrangement is suitable for locations where the back will not be viewed, such as against a wall. 459 more words

Floral Design

Flower Tutorial: Simple Vase Arrangement

For our third installment, we’ll tackle a simple vase arrangement before going on to a large one. For this, I used:

Floral Design

Flower Tutorial: Cleaning

In this flower tutorial installment, we’ll walk through the process of cleaning the flowers.

If possible, get your flowers and clean them the day before you will be designing with them. 887 more words

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