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Creativity: Art Away From Home III

This is my mini-studio right now! I’ve been doing some small pen and wash type water colours when I get a moment. The family are moving to a new house on Monday, so I’ve been helping fill boxes, as well as spending time playing with young Juniper. 213 more words


Day27! Poppies

This was an experiment for today! Just wanted to play with wet on wet technique :)

Watercolor Painting

Day24! 30 day challenge! Fuchsia

Fuchsia was today’s challenge! I wanted to see whether I can replicate those fresh and vibrant colors of original flower into my painting, So I choose fuchsia for today! 51 more words

Watercolor Painting

Day23! Yellow Poppies

Yellow poppies were there for my today’s challenge. This was most Challenging in last 22 days. I know you must be wondering What there is nothing in this painting Are you kidding? 99 more words

Watercolor Painting

Day22! Lilies

Red-Oranage lilies! One more “Try” in loose watercolor!

In this painting I have focused on flowers. Stems, leaves and background done as a suggestive forms. I thought I was overpaitned on flowers but finally I stopped and It’s done!

Watercolor Painting

Day19! Flowers and sky

Another practice in loose watercolor! This time I dare to paint sky and accidentally it’s really looking like sky 😉 😆  Quite happy with the result. 56 more words

Watercolor Painting