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12 X 16 inch Acrylic Sunflower Still Life: Sunflowers and Grapes, Circles, Rectangles and Triangles

This is a 12 X 16 inch still life of sunflowers and grapes in an orange vase. One of these guys is trying really hard to reach those grapes. 16 more words

Floral Painting

Painted Glass

My sister called last week asking if I wanted some sunday glasses. She had 3 boxes of unopened glasses and was going to get rid of them if I didn’t want them. 130 more words

Floral Painting

A Sign for My Tent

I will be setting up my first tent show in Mountainair this weekend for the annual sunflower festival. I was going to have a banner made but decided I wanted to make my own sign. 83 more words

Floral Painting

Sunflower and Iris Still Life 11 X 14 Inch Oil Painting

This is an 11 X 14 inch floral still life oil painting of sunflowers, Iris and gladiolus. I went back and forth between white and purple for the iris color and finally decided on white and used the purple in the vase and grapes. 31 more words

Floral Painting

Happiness is unboxing new art material 😎

Last couple of weeks I was reading reviews for artist watercolor brands and finally decided to go with Mission Gold! (It’s a long story I’ll let you know sometime later :D ) Day before yesterday I received my new colors I was so happy to see them, … 98 more words

Watercolor Painting


36″ x 24″

Oil on canvas


Mostly Sleeping Sunflowers 11 X 14 Inch Still Life Oil Painting

This is an 11 X 14 oil painting of sunflowers in a vase. Most of them appear to be sleeping except the one in the back who has a case of the yawns. 57 more words

Floral Painting