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Challenge 14 Hollyhock Let's Paint New Mexico

This is a 24 x 24 inch oil painting of Hollyhock inspired by Challenge 14, Hollyhock, Let’s Paint New Mexico. The challenge can be found here. 8 more words

Floral Painting

Hollyhock 12 x 16 Inch Oil Painting

This is a 12 x 16 inch oil painting inspired by my garden of Hollyhock. I have scarlet, lilac, pink, black, pale pink and various shades in between. 38 more words

Floral Painting

Sunflowers Soon 24 x 24 Inch Oil Painting

It’s that time again where I anxiously wait for sunflowers to bloom. It will be different this year. I had way too many sunflowers for the space and was ready for a little change. 77 more words

Floral Painting

Chem Trails and Cactus 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

This 16 x 20 inch palette knife oil painting was inspired by a camping trip to Sumner Lake. While we fished, I watched the skies as they filled with trails of who knows what. 69 more words

Floral Painting

Red and Green 16 x 20 Inch Oil Painting

This is a painting I did several weeks ago to match another I had done for my sister.

Floral Painting

Sunflowers for Kaeleigh 6 x 6 Inch Little Oil Painting

This little 6 x 6 inch sunflower garden oil painting will go to Kaeleigh for her 8th birthday. Yay for cake!

Floral Painting

Michael Klein, Rosemary & Co Brushes

It’s been a very busy start to the year for me. Whilst continuing to work on my own projects, I have teamed up with 3 artists who have recently moved to Raleigh, NC, from New York. 58 more words