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Coneflower Red Vase Still Life Oil Painting 11 x 14 Inch

This is an 11 x 14 inch still life oil painting of coneflower in a red vase. Right now, it is still in bloom in my yard along with cosmos and a few other things.

Floral Painting

Mixed Roses

8″ x 12″

Acrylic on canvas board



Sunflower Nightfall 18 X 24 Inch Oil Painting

This is an 18 X 24 inch oil painting of a sunflower garden at dusk.´╗┐

Floral Painting

´╗┐Sunflowers in Blue Vase 12 X 16 Inch Oil Painting

This is an oil painting still life of yellow sunflowers in a blue vase against a violet background sitting on a yellow table. This painting is 12 X 16 inches.

Floral Painting

Ranunculus in Vase 14 X 18 Inch Still Life Acrylic

I am infatuated with ranunculus right now. They come in so many different colors and I love their full sets of petals. They remind me of a cross between a poppy and a rose. 38 more words

Floral Painting