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Spring Florals & Flared Sleeves

Meet one of the most beautiful dresses I own, the ‘Tash’ dress from my babes at Blush Clothing Playhouse (linked down below) is seriously amazing. I love the off the shoulder details and also the floral print is so delicate, perfect for the spring season. 155 more words


#PERFECT Pleats!

PERFECT PLEATS 👗  A lesson I learned a while back was to follow your instincts while shopping or making any purchase. When I purchased this dress, I remember telling myself, “Pleats may not be on trend but I love them  so in the shopping cart  this dress goes!” 76 more words


the succulent that started them all

I have a confession to make.

You ready?

I am the worst gardener I have ever met. I have managed to somehow kill off hordes of herbs, flowers and even grass. 232 more words


One of those "Wear it 3 Ways" Dresses!

Now what if I told you I could create three different looks on one dress without adding any accessories. Yes, feel free to take a second to ponder, maybe go make a sandwich, feed the dog, then come back and give it a shot on how you think I did this.   364 more words

Plus Size Fashion

Cherry Blossoms

For the longest time my best friend, Nicole and I have been taking about going downtown to High Park to see the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom. 108 more words


Floral patterns aren’t really my thing but it is such a huge spring trend. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good feminine floral dress, but not on myself. 113 more words


Outfit for class

It’s still a bit chilly in Wisconsin, but I wanted to break out my shorts. So I wore these cute high-waisted ones with a floral printed cardigan. 23 more words