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Sappho, a Roman deluge and Horse sandwiches

Sad to leave Florence, just when we found the closest cafe, Firenze, was the best and cheapest.

Raewyn and I ducked in there before a quick tour of the Form of the Book exhibition, before the 240 KPH train to Rome. 877 more words

Galleri degli Uffizi, Florence 

Among many, many, MANY others, I saw three pieces by Boticelli. Two I recognized: The Birth of Venus and Spring, and another, which showed a lady (who looks like spring) threatening a sorrowful centaur. 258 more words


Recapturing Florence In A Dish Of Fish

My husband and I just celebrated 20 years of marriage.

Being a romantic kind of guy (and needing to use some of his gajillion frequent flyer miles), he took me to Florence, Italy, for a couple of days. 467 more words


Day 20: Florence

A long day, to be sure. We woke up at a time that started with a 4 (way too early) in order to catch a 6:15am train to Florence. 545 more words


City #30: Chianti, Italy: My Italian dream come true

For Nina’s 20th birthday, her and I went on a Vespa tour through the countryside of Tuscany.  It was everything and more I could’ve imagined.  Granted I wasn’t on the back of an Italian’s Vespa, it still was pretty amazing because I got to drive the actual Vespa.   1,395 more words


street art in Florence

On a recent visit to Florence, I was taken with a few street art images.


Don’t you love the irreverence and ludicrousness of of this series.   7 more words

Astronomical Apparatus

I’ve always been fascinated by space. Just trying to make sense of the Universe is quite a mind boggling task, and I’ve the utmost respect for the professional’s who can understand what’s going on light years away! 360 more words