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A Real Experience

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a Florence and The Machine concert with my dad, sister and one of my best friends. It was absolutely amazing. 141 more words

Florence + The Machine - How Big, How Beautiful

▣Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA                                     ▣Tuesday, June 7th 2016

How big, how beautiful can easily be used to describe Florence Welch’s stage presence and vocals. She kicked off her set at the Xfinity Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA Tuesday night with ‘What the Water Gave Me’. 331 more words


Sound Effects.

Today is a weird one. I haven’t done any yoga today. I do not feel like doing any yoga today and I do not feel like particpating in anything today. 573 more words

Queen of Peace - Florence + the Machine

If you appreciate the good voice and meaningful lyrics, you probably are familiar with the group named “Florence and the Machine”. The queen of English indie rock  – Florence Welch will honor you with her presence in your country. 182 more words


Florence and the Machine

Poetry to my ears, literally. With words so passionate to add to a voice that echoes through church halls like ceremonials Florence slays with her 2011 album. 31 more words


After months of planning, booking and waiting, finally December has come.
I honestly couldn’t have waited any longer.
A Florence and the Machine concert combined with a trip in a wonderful city was all I could think of lately. 140 more words


There is Magic in the Music

There are some pop fairies in the music business and Florence Welch sure is one of them. With magical gratitude, with a voice like an angel coming right from heaven she aims at the heart of the listeners and within a few moments people become their fans. 336 more words