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Why Star Wars is a feminist saga

Florian Piista //

When you hear about Star Wars, you think Luke Skywalker, Jedi, Lightsaber and Master Yoda. But what you may not have realized is that the science fiction saga has also built many female feminist-inspired characters. 349 more words

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The “Pénélope gate”

Florian Plista //

Some context:

25 January 2017, the French political campaign is in full swing, 4 months left until election day. The French satirical newspaper « Le Canard Enchainé » publishes an article on the “Pénélope Fillon” case: Mr. 469 more words

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HOLY SHIT PEOPLE, I cannot express with words how REFRESHING it feels to accept feeling sadness; to accept emotions.

As soon as I acknowledge them, POOF, they disappear. 79 more words

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Asch experiment and conformism

Florian Plista //

When we started to deal with the Spiral of silence I immediately thought of a video that I watched few month ago about the Asch experiment ( 514 more words

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Usually, I’m not an overly connected person. I joined Facebook 3 years ago, only for education purposes, and I’m still not  on Instagram nor even Snapchat! 390 more words

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