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Lady in Green

Lady in Green
By Leslie Noyes

sitting all alone in a bistro at noon, she was beautifully wrinkled, a smile for the ages.

Similarly alone, yet slightly less wrinkled, I claimed a seat in a nearby booth. 162 more words


Snapshot #29

I came across this in my neighborhood! Let’s call it “A Sign of Hope in a Red State.”

Peace, people!

House Hunting - Ready, Set ...Go??

The time has finally arrived and your dream of owning your own home is becoming a reality. You are at a point in your life that you have decided that renting a place to live is not in our best interest anymore. 523 more words

Real Estate

Field Trip: Bok Tower Gardens

When I garden, I find myself gardening for the enjoyment of others as well as for myself. I think it’s something we all do — no matter if your garden is a collection of pots on a terrace or a sidewalk-hugging border or acres of formal beds, our gardens are an opportunity for someone walking by or stopped at a red light to take a moment to breathe. 522 more words

Nitty Gritty Dirt Man

Spontaneous Photography - Choose Wisely

Take a good look. We’ve all seen this before, though we rarely recognize it when so plainly put. A choice. Pure and simple. Left or right, up or down, job or college… right or wrong. 47 more words


If dolphins do have language, it'd probably be just as alien to us as, well, aliens

The possibility of talking to animals has tickled popular imaginations for years, and with good reason. Who wouldn’t want to live in a Dr. Dolittle world where we could understand what our pets and animal neighbors are saying? 1,343 more words

Spontaneous Photography - The Pain of Separation 

While walking our local 1/4 mile path, I noticed this majestic tree that somehow loss a significant part of itself. Obviously, the fallen limb has died away, without the care, love and nourishment of the trunk itself. 36 more words