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Adventures in Jet Skiing

Folks, I have no photographic proof, but trust me, I was not meant to ride a jet ski, and perhaps after reading today’s post you’ll be inclined to agree with me. 1,457 more words


Snapshot #12 or There About

I was captivated by this faerie princess. This one’s titled “Senayda” because that’s her name.

Snapshot #11.5

“Silly Bird, umbrellas are for sitting under!”


Snapshot #11

After a full day yesterday Studly and I are relaxing on our beach today. I will miss this little piece of paradise when we check out tomorrow morning. 15 more words


Saturday Statues - Hanko style

When seeing photos of Hanko, you would imagine the sun always shines there. On our visit the sun was accompanied by anĀ infernal wind which these photos don’t capture. 315 more words


And You Thought YOU Married a Nag

The couple beside me on the beach yesterday ordered a picnic lunch. Not long after their lunch arrived so did a seagull. He was immediately joined by a rather talkative friend. 52 more words


Dolphins and a Disruptive Digit

There’s something that prevents this video of frolicking Dolphins from being absolutely perfect, but for the life of me I just can’t put my finger on it…. 62 more words