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Screens off! Get out!

…but there is nobody out there! Everybody is locked into their own trance with a screen.

I get it. Times have changed…


people still need to see the sun, stars, moon, birds… moo at a damn cow. 41 more words

Boca Raton

FLORIDA----new death sentence

Wood sentenced to death for retired game warden’s murder

Zachary Taylor Wood was sentenced to death in a historic decision Tuesday.

Fourteenth Judicial Circuit Judge Christopher Patterson announced the sentence for Wood’s part in the murder of retired game warden James “Coon” Shores. 471 more words

The Death Penalty.

Vacation to Florida!

*This post will be mostly pictures and another post will be dedicated to my day-to-day activities

From May 18-21, my friends (and our boyfriends) all went on a vacation to Destin, Florida! 391 more words

Friday, SeaWorld

Today was SeaWorld I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, obviously fish and Dolphins but there were also Whales, turtles and Sea lions.

The initial impression of SeaWorld is it isn’t nearly as clean as Disney and Universal, and it looks like it needs a bit of TLC. 278 more words

Florida Holiday

Wednesday, Harry Potter

Today we got to see do the Harry Potter stuff we should have done on Monday, we were up early though not as early as Simon would have liked, but as our early ticket actually got us in an hour early not an hour and a half, it worked out alright. 478 more words

Florida Holiday

It's Wedding Season, April Showers brought May Flowers

Little moments in life that take your breath away…

There are some things that move me in a way that is hard to explain and I won’t try to do it here. 408 more words



Supreme Court hears concerns about lawyers in Jacksonville woman’s death row case

When Tiffany Cole was on trial for the murders of Carol and Reggie Sumner, her lawyers argued she was an intelligent and good person who fell in with some bad men who were really responsible for the Sumners’ death. 726 more words

The Death Penalty.