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Miami: The not so magic city?

Miami is a city unlike any other in many regards. Geographically unique, Miami faces challenges that no other city in the world will encounter in terms of sea level rise. 237 more words


3 houses down 

Jodi and I were talking last night about whether we miss our old house. Turns out we don’t. We’ve given up some conveniences, but that’s about it. 103 more words


Random Thoughts

My cold has faded to a manageable annoyance, leaving me with a slightly sexy rasp instead of my normal high-pitched twang. It’s my favorite stage of the illness, and I wonder why I couldn’t have just fast-forward to the good part. 157 more words


Ever wonder?

Ever wonder?

Most of us have the same complaint– we don’t have time to do the things we want. Ever wonder how much time that would take? 81 more words


Car Wash near Perdido Key

As you can imagine, traveling with two dogs can leave a car looking like a kennel.  I have a hard time dealing with a dirty car, but it is what it is when you’re on the road.   131 more words



If I ever want a good laugh I need go no further than Craigslist, that online domain where goods are bought, sold, and traded, where jobs are found and relationships launched. 401 more words


garden work

So I was working in the garden a bit yesterday and decided to turn the compost, as I had more food scraps to put in it. 189 more words