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Greatest Landmarks of Florida's Long Hispanic Heritage

The influence of the Hispanic world began in 1565 with the establishment of the oldest continuous European community in the United States – Saint Augustine.  The entire state was under Spanish rule for some 240 years before the final “purchase” by the USA in 1821.  985 more words

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Shipwrecks and Suspense

Research Insights – Shipwrecks and Suspense

I like adding bits of history into my mysteries. In Facials Can Be Fatal, I mined our Florida past concerning shipwrecks. 633 more words

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The Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science

On September 9, 2012, Arthur Gann Jr and I took a day trip to The Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science. We were amazed by the number of artifacts and displays that included a Florida timeline.

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Flashback Friday: Florida's first US boom-town

Ever hear of St Joseph Florida? Likely not. Long before Miami in the roaring 1920’s and Key West in the 1890’s or even Arcadia as a frontier town in the 1900’s, what is currently Gulf County produced the first real boom-town with Florida as a part of the United States. 225 more words

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Punta Gorda: No Longer A Fishing Village at Mouth of Peace River

When my family moved from Massachusetts to Charlotte County in 1961, Punta Gorda was a small fishing port town which was also the county seat. The Vanderbilt property was turning into the giant retirement town of  Port Charlotte.  849 more words

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Circle of Friends: Alba Houghton Warren

One of Emmett’s friends when he lived in Pensacola during the height of his suave-and-sophisticated club-man existence was Alba Houghton Warren (1874-1950).

Warren was from an upper middle-class family in Worcester, Massachusetts, was, according to… 482 more words

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Flashback Friday: British St Augustine and the growth of the city

St Augustine was under British rule for a grand total of 20 years in its 460 year history. But the British left an indelible mark on the city that remains today. 645 more words

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