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Survey is now closed!

Thank you to all who took part in the survey and also all who have helped out along the way. This has been some incredible journey! 163 more words

Survey update after 1 week

There has been a lot of enthusiasm around the survey. numbers have been steadily increasing everyday.

I thank all who wrote posts about the survey in addition to all who helped out spread the word through social media. 256 more words

Survey is live!

The final survey for the project about newcomer experience and citizenship in FOSS communities is now live.

If you have joined one of the following FOSS communities within the last 3 years (after January 2010): … 71 more words

What does a good FLOSS community citizen do?

To investigate the notion of citizenship in the particular context of FLOSS communities, I conducted some interviews with individuals from a range of communities such as Ubuntu, Debian, GNOME, KDE, Gentoo, Mahara, and WordPress. 1,068 more words


How to turn a FLOSS community newcomer into a good community citizen?

For those who are wondering about what my PhD project is about, here are a few insights and a brief description about what I am working on. 735 more words


A social contract approach with newcomers and users

Bryan Ostergaard presented a talk entitled “You are doing it wrong” at FOSDEM this year, in which he spoke about the way Exherbo deals with newcomers. 1,054 more words

Toxicity in FLOSS communities

While exploring the notion of citizenship, I interviewed a number of people involved in various communities. When discussing about what a ‘good’ contributor is, the conversation often led to the problem of poisonous people in FLOSS communities also given the name of As.h.eS. 382 more words