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How To Whiten Teeth?

Everyone wants white teeth. It’s a dream for people, but one of the hardest things achieve in life. And once you get your teeth white, it is hard to keep them white. 444 more words


The Best Way to Create New Habits (and How Long It Takes)

What is the best way to create new habits?

And how long does it take to develop new habit?

The best way to create new habits is to identify a reliable trigger and start out by making it so easy that you can’t say no. 648 more words

Self Improvement


Soul, wilt thou floss again?
By just such a hazard
Hundreds of teeth are saved,
But some still are lost.

Angels’ breathless dentures
Linger to support thee. 14 more words

Emily Dickinson

Subversive Cross Stitch Update

I finished my first ‘subversive’ cross stitch original a week ago, after blogging my discovery of this new sweary art-form in January, and have made a few more. 282 more words


Knowing how to Properly Floss your Teeth

Blog Highlights: Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day, and floss once a day to protect your teeth from tooth decay and gum disease Flossing allows you to clean the small spaces in between your teeth where food debris can get stuck, and where bacteria can hide You can floss the side of your teeth gently by Continue Reading

Toothpicks, floss, and everything in between (the teeth)

Did you know that floss isn’t the only thing you can use to clean between your teeth? You dental hygienist may have told you about them, but if not, here’s some information on what else can be used that will make your life a lot easier. 658 more words


The History of the Dental Floss

Blog Highlights: Archaeological findings have discovered that ancient human teeth had toothpick and dental floss grooves A dentist in the 1800’s recommended flossing to help dislodge food debris in between teeth and to help people avoid disease In 1882, the floss with a pocket thread carrier and cutter was invented Flossing was not popular in the past because silk was Continue Reading