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Floss Organization,  progress pic 1

So the reds are done. No, I don’t sort by number but by color and shade. My closet is the same.


Patching, Building, Organizing

Today seems to have been sort of catch up on things day. Normal household stuff got done then diverted elsewhere. Upon getting the laundry folded, I found a couple pairs of munchkin’s pants that need patching. 284 more words


Floss ~ the other F-word

Do you swear to tell the tooth? The whole tooth? And nothing but the tooth?

We are going to chat a little bit about oral health. 777 more words

Tell Your Friends: Injury Reserve - Floss

Every once in a while, you hear something so uniquely excellent that you just have to write something about it. For me this is normally a tweet or five, but given that I haven’t played any new games lately (Planet Coaster is still eating most of my free time) I thought that this week I’d devote an entire blog post to one project. 764 more words


Is This The Greatest Uber Driver Of All Time?

A user on reddit may have just found what they consider the greatest Uber driver of all time.

User FlySupaFly posted a picture on the website that shows every passenger’s dream, a pocket organizer filled with some health, cosmetic, and beauty tools that everybody might need in a pinch. 42 more words