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Some personal news around OpenStack

I’m trying to be more and more involved around OpenStack, as much as my time allows me of course.

So some recent news about that: 177 more words


A Guide to Flossing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is not enough; you need to floss too. While flossing may seem difficult and challenging at first, with the proper guide and tips, you can master flossing. 22 more words

The Future of Open Source

William Gibson has a concept of the future in relation to science-fiction, which he’s mentioned on many occasions in slightly different forms. My favorite source is the earliest one I can find, which isn’t quite as quotable as the more polished form on… 4,672 more words


Things I've Learned as a Dental Assistant


This summer I have been working as a dental assistant.  I’ve been doing on-the-job training and it’s really fun! Dentistry interests me, and dental school is a definite possibility for me after college, so it’s been great to get so much up-close experience with the profession.   1,395 more words

My Thoughts

[SOLVED] Mengatasi Duplikat Network Icons di Tint2 Crunchbang

1. Buka ~/.config/openbox/autostart

2. Cari baris nm-applet

3. Ganti baris ini :

## Start nm-applet for systray
(sleep 4s && nm-applet) &


## Start nm-applet for systray… 15 more words


Back to RMLL 5 years after !

I like that event which is organized by different teams each year and gather thousands of enthusiasts during one week in one city to celebrate Open Source and Free Software. 197 more words