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Sunset Music Fest 2015 - Skrillex is a God 

This past weekend I went to my second music festival, and it was an entirely different experience than my first. While Guava Fest was alternative music with chill performers and decent sized crowds, Sunset Music Fest was and explosion of EDM stars that left your ears ringing, but provided a 10 rave each day! 780 more words


15.) The Open Source Way Part I

“ I’m going to write the first entry. It’s my laptop,” Shantanu waving the laptop above his head like a victory flag.

“ Yeah, but it’s my house. 770 more words

The Wizards Club Chronicles

Floss or die; connection between gum disease and stroke

The cause-effect connection between gum disease and stroke has not been found but odds are that if you have suffered a stroke you also had gum disease. 132 more words


Dental Floss vs. Waterpik Gilbert AZ.

Dental Floss vs. Waterpik Gilbert AZ.Often times, people wonder if…

What if free and open source software were more like fandom?

This is the second of a two-part post about feminism and the philosophies and vocabularies of “open stuff” (fandom, open source, etc.). Part I is… 1,194 more words

In the middle of the last Sprint before first public release...

It’s getting really exciting. We’re almost done. If all goes well we’ll release the Cloud Trestle to the public as Open Source within two weeks under the MIT license. 86 more words