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Piero Gandini for ICON Design

I photographed Mr. Gandini of Floss for ICON Design.

Many thanks to Michele Lupi for this assignment as well as Emanuela Fraccaroli who coordinated the shoot. 6 more words

I've started flossing again!

As I began class on Sunday, I was telling everyone that I was flossing again.  But with flossing, I’ve found a new challenge. Now that I’ve cleaned out the grooves in my teeth, more things, like kale, are sticking in them! 243 more words

What is Open Source?

So you may have heard of Open Source software through colleagues or friends, or maybe even Free Software in a similar manner.  You may even have an understanding of it’s purpose and the general ideas surrounding it…. 681 more words


WATCH: Ray Takes a Trip to the Dentist!

Dentists say to always floss… but flossing is what caused Ray’s tooth to fall out! Ray claims his dentist is a stud just like Superman… and they met on a station event fishing trip!


~ Crafting a Doll ~ Part Eleven ~

~ Crafting a Doll ~ Part Eleven ~

 I applied another coat of Mod Podge to the dolls hat letting it dry overnight. All in all I’m satisfied with the out come of the hat for my big headed wire doll. 109 more words


Dental Treats

Melanie leaned over the reclined man and adjusted the light, making it shine directly over his mouth. “And how often do you floss, Mr. Daniels?” 206 more words

Short Story

~ Crafting a Doll ~ Part Ten ~

~ Crafting a Doll ~ Part Ten ~

I’m working on a hat for my doll now that the knee high boots are finished. Since, she had such a big head a light blub was perfect for making the hat. 200 more words