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CT800 - embedded FLOSS Chess computer made with STM32-H405 OSHW board

We got interesting project link from Rasmus Althoff: CT800 is Free/Libre Open Source Software CHESS computer made with STM32-H405 Open Source Hardware board inside.

It has around 2100 ELO, maximum search depth 20 plies.  11 more words


Flossing your teeth with this is not the idea

My spouse brought home a bag of this stuff. Hair of an animal? After I posted this picture to Wechat, some were surprised that I hesitated to eat it. 288 more words

Progress on Birds In My Garden

Two more sections of my Birds In My Garden design are completed as samples. One has swallows flying over a birdhouse and one is a potted topiary plant. 239 more words


To floss or not to floss, that is the question.

Welcome back to the Schroeder Cosmetic and Family Dentistry blog! It is truly a blessing to have so many patients interested in their oral hygiene recently after a… 265 more words

Dentist Lexington Kentucky


Who likes to floss? Yes? No? No matter what the answer is, flossing is an integral part of one’s daily hygiene. A medical epidemiologist, Duong T. 227 more words


Birds in My Garden

A bird does not sing because it has the answer; it sings because it has a song.

My new hand embroidery pattern design, “Birds In My Garden,” a summer sampler, is near completion. 122 more words


Project-Builder 0.14.1 is now out for LinuxConNA !

Well, in fact I froze that version back in July, but didn’t officially announced it till today (vacations were just in the middle). So that… 424 more words