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Blind Guardian Playlist

Thanks to Ridersofskaith, Blind Guardian is now on my playlist. I’m not much of a metal fan, to be honest, but the four songs below have led this author to begin investigating the genre. 107 more words

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The Beauty and Danger of the Aurora Borealis

Check out this article on the Carrington Event, readers:

When the Northern Lights were so Powerful they Started Fires in Observation Equipment

Sep 16, 2018… 93 more words

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Jurassic Florida

I love dinosaurs. No matter how far back in her memory this author delves, alongside the unicorns, dragons, and princesses, she finds dinosaurs. These enormous “thunder lizards” captured my imagination like no other animal on the planet. 245 more words

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No Need for Dentures Here!

Scientists have discovered that the Greenland shark – also known as the gurry or grey shark – may live to be four hundred years old. It may even have a longer lifespan than that. 231 more words

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An Untouched Tomb

Learn more about this fascinating archaeological discovery in Egypt below:

Untouched and Unlooted 4,400-yr-old Tomb of Egyptian High Priest Discovered

Dec 19, 2018 Nancy Bilyeau… 270 more words

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Left Brain, Right Brain – Laughing with Jean Robertson

Sometime ago this author was introduced to the work of comedienne Jean Robertson. I wish I had heard about her earlier – she is wonderful!! Through discovering the amusing in everyday life and ordinary events, Mrs. 183 more words

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The Father of History Had It Right…

…The only question is why some seemed to think he had it wrong. Just because we do not have intact records or proof that something listed in ancient manuscripts does not negate the likelihood that the item in question existed. 191 more words

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