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The Need for Sacred Living

To roll with the waves. To glide along divine energy. To trust the flow. To follow through with life.

There is need for freedom. For release and authenticity. 141 more words

Go For Flow

Hurry up and stop or people sometimes race to a red light.

Keeping a balance in day to day affairs become a bit of a chore or a down right problem at times. 140 more words

The Mechanical Age and Flow Energy

Received April 29, 2018

The mechanical age was brought fourth by Patriarchy. It can be hotly debated about names, subdivisions within ages, and the names of those subdivisions. 661 more words


Real Love v fast-food Love

Today I got to think about love relationships.

Somehow the way the love relationship works for most people walking this earth has always boggled me. 333 more words


Watching emotionally hyped soap opera or web series may definitely make one cry or shed a tear or two, but what if a person urges to shed tears (of joy) at every single jolly cinematic motion picture, especially if such movie scene is with an emotional innuendo? 572 more words


Spinner Ring Arm Slinkey Toy - Multi Color - Flow Rings Kinetic Spring Bracelet

Mesmerize everyone around you with this simple and amazing Spinner Ring Arm Slinkey Toy – Multi Color – Flow Rings Kinetic Spring Bracelet. It’s super fun to play rolls down your arm and from one arm to another with this kinetic amazing 3d sculpture metal arm spinner toy. 352 more words

Love and Vacancy

Coursed meals.

6.23.18 – Affair-ly

We drank that green deeply, ginned up and missing all its ivory. No nods remained to keep sustained arguments short. Convicts had harder commitments in staying still through the thick swills. 271 more words

The Elusive