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Life is a series of windows.

As we surf through this universe, we cannot fully bend reality to our will, but we can surf to different dimensions. 150 more words


Inner Genius: Subconscious Questionnaire Part I

Favorite subjects in school:

Art, history, english, social studies

Least Favorite subjects in school: Math, science

Hobbies growing up:

Gong playing, crystal healing, reiki, drawing, reading… 99 more words


Don't show me pictures ... let's have sex!

How would you rather get to know how to have sex: by looking at a photo or a movie? The former can take you in a different direction from what is really happening. 682 more words



let me flow

like the light of the stars

across a dark sky

like the river

across a mountain

like a dewdrop

across the edge of a leaf… 17 more words

Waarom plannen eigenlijk niet zo leuk is

Ik ben een kei in plannen. Ik heb een agenda, meerdere wekkers, een Wunderlist-app (vet handig!), een kalender, talloze to-do-lijstjes en zelfs een zelfbedacht kleurcodesysteem (zo betekent iets in rode inkt dat het urgent is, iets in zwarte inkt is minder urgent, en iets in blauwe inkt kan ik evengoed over zes jaar doen). 709 more words



So important to be able to doscern what’s for you and what’s not.

What’s yours and what’s not.

What is complementary and what is not. 470 more words

Oval Gear Flow Meter

Oval Flow Meter

Oval Gear flow Meter

Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Oval Gear Flow Meter is one type of Positive displacement flowmeter .  They operate by repeatedly filling and emptying compartments of a known volume with a liquid. 235 more words