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Speaking Winds

Wind’s Truth

The wind speaks

in sing-song breathes

luring an audible

truth through my soul:

the natural state of life

lies in fluidity, the grace… 51 more words

Universe In Charge 💜

Today I was thinking about how easy things are when we just flow with what is.

How easy things are when we let Universe take charge. 271 more words

Vinyasa3 with Caitlyn Visconte

It’s 5:30pm on a Tuesday and I’m racing out the office to make it in time for Caitlyn Visconte 5:45pm Vinyasa3 class. I whirlwind myself to the train station in time to make the first train from Park Street, luckily the commute only takes me 10 minutes. 308 more words


Some social media images I took for a big  Nordic campaign


Better to bend than break.

Flexibility is an essential component of resilience.

When life takes a detour, how do you react?

Are you able to break free from old patterns? 145 more words


Energy Flow

a penny in the well

harvesting grain from the field

sun rises west

Money represents time. It is a flow of energy that represents a piece of a person’s life. 128 more words