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Universal Me

Cosmic Heart; flowing

Streams of Aroha; connecting

Stars that guide; our true self alive

Knowing breath; gratitude emanates

Our being, unlimited power to create!


Fire Eye Dawson

Fire Eye Dawson walked into our town that day ready to take everything we had. She was a criminal and we all knew who she was the second she rode up. 157 more words


Is courage the absence of fear?
Don’t you think it’s what you do in spite of fear?
Isn’t that when the magic happens?

Morning Mindfulness

Summer Love

So I’ve fallen in love a few times today. Life has smacked me in the ass a few times this week saying, “just go with it, man” and they’ve all been in the form of beautiful women. 610 more words


Quando se escolhe fazer Relações Internacionais muitos de nós ficamos impressionados com a grandiosidade que o nome do curso parece oferecer. Pensa-se em viagens, idiomas, gastronomia, museus. 422 more words


Message from The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

I have had a very emotional day and 1/2. I am unclear as to what is happening, why I am brought to tears. Yes, much has happened, but I haven’t cried like this in years. 316 more words