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Module 4 Thoughts: Because

“What is your because?”

I can clearly remember this question posed by the legendary Sir Pagsi in the Dulaang Sibol theater in Ateneo High School. He was one of the speakers for the Ateneo Student Leaders’ Assembly Batch 5. 533 more words


The Power of Meditation

This week I’ve been very diligent about my meditation practice. It’s amazing the difference that it makes to take just 10 minutes out of your morning to “inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit”. 80 more words



What if I told you everything is not what it seems?

Life hurts, hearts break, and pain screams.

I am a shadow to my fears. 135 more words



Have you ever been concentrating or working on something and suddenly look up to realize several hours have passed by? The “in the zone” feeling of intense yet effortless action and nothing else seems to matter, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi describes this as being in a state of “Flow”. 434 more words


POP Nutrition | Spring Hummus (Gluten Free)

I used to eat store bought hummus all the time and then just got tired of it. Even my favorite TJ’s brand which is not as salty as the rest, after a while I just was not into it any more. 503 more words

Peak Optimal Performance Nutrition