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Compassionate as Source

We are compassionate. And we are individuated aspects of Source. And as such, we are truly as compassionate as Source. As we see, Source chose to view the Creation through each individuated I Am Presence, and since we are Source we too view Creation through each other’s eyes. 1,876 more words



The heart wants what the heart wants, she says.






I say.

And let

the river

take you

to wherever

it leads.

South America

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Creativity is flowing

I can’t even express how happy I am of how my journey is going. The fact that I can go outside, sunny weather, beautiful view, I immediately see the mountains, it’s absolutely amazing and breathtaking. 168 more words

i feel a coldness in my bones an aching of the soul

allow and let go

let each experience flow

you’ll be guided if you don’t resist… 23 more words

5D Here and Now

When we are contemplating the past or the future, we are in our heads. When we are within the now, we are in our hearts. For the heart is from the octave of here and now, or no time. 1,370 more words



Zaczęło się. Wojna z samym sobą. Jest to wojna o lepsze życie. O życie w którym nie siedzę za biurkiem, nie klikam jak zombie w kolejnego excela. 257 more words