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Flowing Beyond Time

We use time and space as markers. Songbirds migrate north as the landscape greens and they follow the same trail south when the time is right. 104 more words

Practice Of Living Awareness

GDPR has me going around in circles - just like my 360 degree pictures!

I’ve been going around in circles a lot lately, having returned to my own practice, as well as continuing to produce projects and collaborate with others. 193 more words


Just Flow!

Pic Courtesy: Kavya Sharma

Take the turns coming your way,

Trust the moves you make…

Rely on the instincts you are getting,

And stand by whatever you decide… 8 more words


Eyes Closed

I, I know where to lay
I know what to say
It’s all the same
And I, I know how to play
I know this game… 258 more words

Pole Dancing

Components of Flow #2: Immediate and Unambiguous Feedback

Note: In this article, the third entry in my series on the mind-state of flow, we examine the second of the nine components that comprise and make possible a flow experience: the presence of immediate and unambiguous feedback. 924 more words



Another insight from last year worth keeping in mind. Something I would never truly have understood had I not been studying yoga principles through regular yoga practice. 149 more words