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Hi Friends…

I’ve been a part time student for the past 6 years and probably will be for another 2 to 3. And even though, the thought makes we wish drinking wine, out of the bottle, while sobbing on a park bench, was not frowned upon, this is the least of my concern – well it’s at least on the top 10 list of concerns. 550 more words


A guide on how to make toast and a flowcahrt

  1. Place toaster on a stable, hard and flat surface
  2. Make sure the toaster is plugged in
  3. Make sure it is on
  4. Make sure it is away from water…
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Basic Flowcharts

Flowcharts are an important part of designing it help provide an outline of how the site will be viewable by the audience. Here is an example of a flowchart about how to make toast.

Flowchart for Toast

Graphic Design

Testing Free Diagramming Software...(by creating decision flowcharts for my cats)

Librarians can use diagramming tools to create professional flowcharts for use in presentations, to illustrate steps for anything from electronic journal management to IT troubleshooting… 340 more words

Just For Fun

How to Toast Bread

Step by Step toaster (Un Plugged)

  1. Make sure power socket is off
  2. Plug toaster in
  3. Turn on Switch
  4. Open pack of Bread
  5. Place 2 pieces of bread in there individual places in the toaster…
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The ADDIE Model

All About Analysis

In my previous post, we began an exploration of the The Quintessential Question Model within Instructional Design using the ADDIE Model. While some may say that no one portion of the model itself is more important than another, I do believe the Analysis portion is a critical component for the design process. 839 more words