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Mechanical Power: Summary

This graphic summary shows two fundamental equations to determine mechanical power: P=W/t and P=F*v

Power: Concept and Exercises [Energy 1 DIARY]



UI Flowcharts

User interface flowcharts are an extension of storyboards, where designers are able to review their static images and see possibilities to extend interactivity and opportunities for further information. 66 more words

Graphic Design


A flowchart is an illustration of steps that showcase a process from start to finish in a way for designers to visually interpret the information. Typically, they have simple instructions in a shape, connected by arrows for easy following. 192 more words

Graphic Design


Week 3 – Activity UI

Week 1 – Activity

 How to make toast

Constructing a toast makers step description and flowchart. This activity sheds light on the building blocks of instructional design and how to make toast for beginners.


Making Toast Instructional

Text Instructions

  1. Plug in toaster and switch it on
  2. Remove desired amount of bread from packaging
  3. Reseal the bread packaging
  4. Insert bread slices into toaster…
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Week One

Flowcharts and Text Descriptions

When trying to understand or explain a process creating text descriptions and flowcharts are quite helpful as they make you think in detail about a process and make you think sequentially. 174 more words

Class Work

Week 1: Class Work

Text Descriptions and Flowcharts
Image: Key, S. (2010). Creative Flow Chart . Retrieved from http://www.georgiacriminalappellatelawblog.com/preservation-of-error/the-great-trial-lawyers-get-creative-when-making-a-record/

In this weeks tutorial it focussed on introducing text descriptions and flow charts.

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Class Work