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Frank and Bob: Emotional Flowcharts

Frank: The stress of this public speaking class is really getting to me?

*Bob pulls out a crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket and looks at it for a couple seconds* 407 more words


Diagramming: Charting New Territory in Moqups 2

We’ve written a short illustrated fable on Medium, that explains how users drove the development of our new Diagramming tool. Check it out!

Diagramming was once a tool used primarily by System Architects and Business Analysts. 557 more words

Creating a compelling Theory of Change

Developing a clear Theory of Change (TOC) – ideally at the onset of a project – is critical to achieving project goals and demonstrating impact. 593 more words


Process and Context

Week 2 lecture; my thoughts and reflections

Most project ideas generally start with low tech pen and paper with early visualisations (diagrams, sketches, storyboards, flowcharts) that help us as a designer to recognise the directions in which are wanting to take, alongside any potential missing information. 132 more words

Lecture Notes

Flowchart Application - Musings

Currently my team and I are using App Inventor 2, (developed by MIT) to create a “20 Questions” type application using flow-chart style logic. App Inventor websites actively encourage not using a huge number of fresh pages to jump to and instead changing the content on the page, rather than the page itself. 111 more words

Software Development

Interactive Design: Process & Context

Interactive design involves the context for use, and the context of use. As an interactive designer, understanding this concept is vital. There are various tools that can be used such as, flow charts, text descriptions, scenarios and prototyping and testing. 172 more words