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Should I Use the Adjective "Diverse"?

It has long been a pet peeve of mine that the word diverse is widely misused in the English language. Diverse is defined by Merriam-Webster… 372 more words

Tracing the family tree

The afternoon sun streams through the grilled window, forming a golden criss cross on the mosaic floor.

In one corner of the room, I sit with my father in law. 374 more words

Everyday Moments


Vedic is universal religion for mankind, living per which any human of any race, place or time can advance spiritually, living more and more sin-free.


Intro to logic aka "Algorithms"

If the correct language is the heart of the program then the right algorithm is the brain of the program. Algorithm ,is a fancy word and refers to the underlying logic of your programs. 166 more words


Work and Energy - Summary

By using histograms to represent mechanical energy, I have built a summary that relates energy, work and mechanical power.

Work and Energy – Summary [Energy 1 DIARY]



Mechanical Power: Summary

This graphic summary shows two fundamental equations to determine mechanical power: P=W/t and P=F*v

Power: Concept and Exercises [Energy 1 DIARY]