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And now, we learned the concept of flowcharts! To understand the lesson better, our new IT professor made us play the games in Code Studio. I can say that the activity helped me understand the proper arrangement of steps in a flowchart. 43 more words



P.S – One heck of a tip illustrated effortlessly !

Mind Palace

Sketching workshop #4

I den fjerde og sidste del af sketching og wireframing workshop fik vi Kaffeautomaten i 7-elleven, som case. Ud fra et flowchart skulle vi vise et scenarie over hvordan brugeren interagerer med kaffemaskinen fra start til slut. 19 more words

Sketching workshop #3

I vores tredje sketching workshop begyndte vi at arbejde med wireframes og flowcharts.
Vi startede ud med at sketche skat’s app i hånden.
Her efter skulle vi lave et wireframe af forsiden, og derefter lave et flowchart af hjemmesiden. 11 more words

Whites. Blues. Greys. Blood Red

Finally joined my new office… and you know what astute observation I made within a week?

Men’s choice for colours are so limited. Plain Whites. Boring Blues. 70 more words


How much automated/pre-written code will you tolerate in your projects?

For me it depends entirely on the source. I don’t mind using open libraries and that sort of thing, of course. And I’ve also seen programming languages like Vala, which translate into C code and run that; that’s a form of automation, of course, and it can be done quite well. 789 more words