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Don't wine about doing the recycling...

I saw this idea for a flower bed edge made from bottles online and thought I would have a go myself. Sadly in order to achieve this I have to drink more wine, and get my friends to drink more wine and give me the bottles! 66 more words


An End in Sight

Progress is slowly, slowly being made on the veg patch.  The green area is now getting smaller, even if it is getting lusher, we are edging closer to the tree which we pruned right back last autumn / winter, and now trip over the remnant of, every time we take a rock to the pile (we’re well on the way with the fourth, or maybe fifth, pile now) and I am starting believe that we really will get it finished afterall.  637 more words


April 10

Spring has sprung —

After a long, but good day, I got home from Bible Study and found that the tall green things in front flowerbed had produced beautiful white and yellow flowers. 47 more words


Allow the Process

Seriously, allow it all to be a process.

Right now, this soon to be mama is nesting hard. I want my house to be perfect. I want the walls plastered with wedding photos, and hanging plants. 288 more words


Mother's Day Flowers

Prior to the children’s arrival, I imagined Mother’s Day to be a rather jolly affair, where mummy got to sit around and do nothing all day, and the children would do as they were told, have smiles all day and nary a temper tantrum in sight.  687 more words


Spring has Sprung!

Maybe not officially, cut close enough.  Beautiful flowers in bloom, some that we planted just a short time ago.  I love this time of year with the wild flowers and all the pretty colors. 49 more words