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Preparing for Spring

As Landscapers it is our job to know how to prepare a home for the long seasons of Spring, Summer & Fall. There is a lot of work that goes into the beginning of the process, but it is a matter of keeping up with your lawn and landscape to keep it within grasp. 422 more words

The Changing Seasons (Month 3)

My flower bed doesn’t look a lot different from last month. But I’m excited about the changes that are coming.

Right now the grass is still brown and many plants remain dormant. 193 more words

In The Verges

Today was sunny and warmer. I made my way this morning down to Roger’s footpath and back. This was more of a hobble than a ramble, but the swelling on the knee has subsided and I have left off the Ibuprofen. 229 more words

Mystery Flower

Does anyone know the name of this flower?  Most of what’s in our flower bed is left over from previous occupants, so I don’t know the name of everything.


on tippy toes

Edgar will be right back. He just went to fetch his ukulele.

‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips With Me’,  lyrics by Al Dubin and music by Joe Burke. 144 more words


Flower Bed

Again, Uncle Elwood’s garden offered the sketch for this antique brushed fine art painting.