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Busy Week, With Not Enough Time!

I’ve been neglecting my allotment these last few days/week… poor thing!

My onions desperately need hoeing which will be tonight job, and I still need to get all of the weeds removed from my final bed to get some peas, beans and pumpkins in! 274 more words

Allotment Plot

Mice In Our Flower Bed

Mouse Plant Arisarum proboscideum
Arum lily family. Low growing ground cover. Herbaceous wood lander from South of France. Flowers early Spring. Sitting just below the leaf canopy is the real interest. 75 more words

Living Simply

Flower Garden

Matt & I have each put in at least 2 full days of work on the yard this week (Chris has helped when she can), but there’s still a lot more to do. 152 more words

Home Improvement

Evergreens in the flower beds?


Planting flower beds in the front yard usually means one thing: flowers (hence the name “flower bed”). But a few years ago, when I was working for the… 254 more words



As we left off last time, I mentioned that there are great items in your kitchen that would do your plants some good. Instead of throwing them in the trash, we can make a less wasteful environment and put that stuff to good use. 676 more words

Three Tips for Deadheading Your Garden

There’s no doubt you know exactly how you like your garden to appear. Whether you prefer to see sprawling and organic patches of plants or a manicured and structured layout, there is a way to engineer plants to fit your vision. 511 more words

Eco-friendly Gardening

[Vlog] When Your Weekend Has No Plans

Cassie and I are still Vlogging! Every weekend we put out a new video :)
This last saturday we had no definitive plans so we made up the day as a we went. 30 more words

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