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Living Quilt is Starting to Bloom!

“Living Quilt” has a bud on October 16, 2017

Jane Ingram Allen’s “Living Quilt for Newnan” is starting to bloom. This photo was sent yesterday by Newnan Art Rez board member Bette Hickman showing a wildflower plant with a small bud. 174 more words

Living Quilt for Newnan featured in online publication this week

My recent installation “Living Quilt for Newnan” created during my August 2017 artist in residency in Newnan, Georgia, is featured on the SUNDAY PAPER Blog of papermaking artist and author Helen Hiebert. 95 more words

Jane's "Living Quilt" - the Saga Continues

My “Living Quilt” installation in Newnan, Georgia, continues to change, and more plants are appearing. These photos taken by Newnan artist Bette Hickman show the latest transformation of the handmade paper quilt with wildflower seeds in the paper pulp. 60 more words

Is it a Flower Bed or a Flower Garden?©

The first two years at our little farm we concentrated on establishing flocks of poultry and rabbits, growing a vegetable garden, planting fruit trees, and remodeling the house, but now that we have gotten a great deal accomplished my mind has turned to growing plants purely for their beauty and sweet fragrance.  2,963 more words

Flower Bed At The Bridge

There is a flower bed at the northwest end of the Plainfield Pedestrian Bridge. The lilies are gone now but these flowers are there plus a few others. 82 more words


Nature, nurture

Turtles are amazing, let’s just start with that.

They are prehistoric, eat literally anything, are loved by all, and are so so sweet (except those snappers, but there always has to be an exception). 277 more words