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In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️Beauty of nature comes in all size, shapes and colors.

Enjoy :)

Roses of Sharon after the rain ❤️


One day when just having gotten in from work as I was getting out of the truck I saw grandmother in a smaller herb and  flower garden alongside the vegetable garden, I walked over to her and as she gave me a hug I asked what was up and she said tending the little sisters, so I’ve come to think of these as the little sisters.

Here come the pumpkins!

Still not sure where the pumpkins and all of the tomato plants are going to go…


May Blooms In My Backyard II

Before it will be too warm this afternoon, I wanted to capture some blooms in the garden and in the greenhouse. My Flanders Poppies are finally showing some buds. 40 more words


In the garden 

Good morning friends. Have a pleasant day☕️It shows without showing off

If you have got it :)

Believe in yourself ❤️

Wild roses

An email to dad... passive-aggressively begging for help.

Hey dad. I’ve got a huge favour to ask. I know youre busy so how much you can do is up to you.

The chipmunks are back and it won’t be long before they start destroying all my hard work.

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🌻First Sunflower of 2017🌻

My first sunflower began to bloom in the yard, today. It is one of the “Autumn Beauty” blend.

“Autumn Beauty” Sunflower 2017

“Autumn Beauty” Sunflower

“Autumn Beauty” Sunflower