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My Garden-Plow

My daughter does not love taking pictures, perhaps because she is just the opposite views of parents and teenagers always, I accidentally photographed her lovely photos. 146 more words


My Garden- Oval Kumquat

There are Oval Kumquat Trees,
it belongs to citrus fruits and can eat,but the fruit rind of citrus oils have a strong odor, so some people like and do not like it. 136 more words


The Flower Garden has opened

At East Avenue 10, we´ve opened the Flower Garden. The Garden is open for the public and it´s content will change along with the seasons. 35 more words


Wellness benefits of having a flower garden.

A well groomed flower garden does more than make a home look attractive! This week we share with you how having a flower garden contributes to your general wellness. 184 more words

Spring Fever

Not only is my “Jelena” Witch Hazel blooming, but the NW Flower and Garden show starts on WEDNESDAY. I can hardly wait.

Flower & Garden

Winter birds

Taiwan Whistling Thrush(台灣紫嘯鶇)

Its body length of 30 cm, plumage color is dark blue, the sun will be reflected in the blue-purple sheen, they are called glass birds,Today, suddenly found traces of it in the courtyard between the woods, it sounds very special, like a child whistling. 73 more words