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Flower Moon .. Milk Moon .. Bright Moon .. Planting Moon ... ... ...

The other evening .. to be precise on the 23rd .. I spotted the moon before it sank below the tree and roof tops.  It wasn’t large, but it had a golden/pink colour. 77 more words


Flower Moon

Last night the moon was HUGE, and gorgeous, and stunning, and Steve got this photo.  Apparently it’s the Flower Moon.


Where The Mars Is

Hey, sky fans. Thanks for spending some of your Saturday night here. I’ve got the bottle of Traquair House Ale, and the “Meatballs” on the ol’ DVD machine. 692 more words

Stunning Celestial Display with Full Moon and Mars at Opposition!

Tomorrow, May 22nd, Mars will be at opposition, the point in any planet’s orbit where it is opposite the sun relative to the observer. Well placed high in the southeast at around 9:00 PM, EDT, and located in Scorpius, Mars, being relatively close to us at opposition, rivals giant Jupiter in brightness, further to the west along the ecliptic.  494 more words