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Photography: Willingly Losing Myself in the Beauty of Spring (Post #2)

Yesterday was relaxing, but for some reason I felt a bit unaccomplished.  I guess I was hoping to end the week doing a bit of organizing.   283 more words


Photography: Willingly Losing Myself in the Beauty of Spring (Post #1)

Okay, it is official… we are crazy.  You have to understand though – I homeschool.  I spend all day long (every day) with the kids and spend my time in front of a computer, moving from one child’s work to the next.   400 more words


Photography: Leaning into Spring (Post #1)

Yesterday, we finally went to the gardens.  We packed a nice lunch and ate under one of the gazebos near the pond.  Yes, you heard that right, school is finally out.   268 more words


Photography: Flowers in the Rain (Part One)


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These flowers are beautiful. I love the way the drops of water pop off the delicate petals of these lovely flowers. Oh, how these beautiful flowers speak to my soul, reminding me that as sad as this world is, there is still something worth smiling about.


This knockout rosebush was planted in memory of my yiayia, who passed away last year.