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Transitions: Spring Equinox


“How strange that the nature of life is change,
yet the nature of human beings is to resist change.
And how ironic that the difficult times… 73 more words
Forest Garden


Life is fleeting,
time is precious,
both beauty and pleasure
are transient.

True elegance is not in perfection,
but in the ripeness
of each season.



At first hidden,
then brought into the light.
Always at the right time.
Like the truth.


Youthful Days

She follows the path
Of summer light,
Her longing for lastingness:
A simple and natural emblem
Of unchanging love.



Appearing in a gentle breeze
Like a short-lived breath
Besotted with youth,
She grows only in the dark
Safely hidden from the revealing
Light of summer days.



Beauty wraps itself softly
Around her destiny
Like a faithful devotee
Inseparable from the first
Emotion of love.


Late Bloomers

Do you ever find it hard to throw out a perfectly good plant that has finished blooming but still looks hardy? I  have this “thing” about letting anything die, and it sears my soul to throw out even diseased plants that I can’t seem to rehabilitate, although I eventually do get rid of them lest they infect the rest of the plants in our little garden room.  236 more words

Meditations And Reflections