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Old Daisy Photo

I’d like to upload some of my older photos from time to time. When I say old, I mean photos in this case that I have taken before I purchased… 92 more words


Finding Beauty among the Lily Pads, Part 2

I know I promised three posts of lily pads at the gardens and I have not forgotten.  Behind the scenes, I am ever so busy these days.   538 more words

Nature Photography

Finding Beauty among the Lily Pads, Part 1

I know – the first thing you are going to ask is, part one?  How many pictures can you take of a lily pads?  That was the first thing I asked myself as I looked through the images I took last week at the gardens.   211 more words

Nature Photography

Ocean of Dandelion Seed Heads

When I was hiking in Reinfeld back then, I often found whole fields of dandelion seed heads, almost oceans of them. When the wind was blowing, you would see millions of seed heads flying in the air, it really looked magical, or like in a fairy tale. 69 more words


Photography: Garden Treasures #2

You see, my camera and I have a pretty good relationship.  Even though she is new to me – she understands what I love in a picture.   224 more words

Nature Photography

Photography: Garden Treasures #1

I have a confession to make, I really do not know why I love taking pictures so much.  However, whenever I pass by something that makes an impression, I just want to capture it – hold it in my hands and remember it again upon reviewing the image.   245 more words

Nature Photography

Photography: Beauty is Never Silent

Sorry things have been a bit quiet lately.  Things have been a bit hectic since the start of school.  Having two younger ones who need all your attention while homeschooling is never easy, but it does have great rewards.   110 more words

Nature Poetry