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Sabtu lalu aku menghadiri event bertemakan Flower Power i’m active, i smell like flower. Dress codenya sporty pastel, sesuai dengan packaging Eau De toilette Zoya yang merupakan produk baru, senang sekali aku dan komunitasku mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mencoba pertama kali EDT Zoya. 309 more words

Event Report

Love in the Sixties

It is time for the cover reveal for “Only One Woman.”  This is a story set in 1968, flower power days, romance, free love.  You get the gist. 153 more words


A Look Back at the Summer of Love

50 years ago in Haight-Ashbury, a tiny part of the boomer generation tried to change the world. Did they succeed?

aarp.org: A Look Back at the Summer of Love

Dynamic Decades of Fashion- Portfolio work

The evolution of from the 1900’s on to the new millennium has always intrigued me. From the evolution from one decade after another, it is astounding to see the change in merely 10 years and how beautifully drastic it is! 29 more words

Rossendale 60s Festival

I was looking forward to the Rossendale 60s Festival last weekend but the horrible weather put a dampener on things.

Certainly when we visited one of the venues, … 68 more words


Flower Power

I’ve been thinking about flower power. My mom tells me that young people used Flower Power as a slogan in the late 1960s. The idea was to encourage peaceful protests, but many people wore flowers just to look “cool.” Do you think I’d look cool wearing flowers? 


Fifty Year Friday: Donovan, John's Children and David Bowie


Though it was not a short drive, on a few occasions in the mid seventies, a group of us, consisting of a consistent core of four, along with two or three additional participants, rode in one van and, sometimes, an extra car, from Southern California to Las Vegas to see a concert. 2,931 more words