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Find Good in Bad

If you look at the picture above ☝️, what do you feel about it? What thoughts come to your mind? I’ll tell you what it feels like to me😁… 172 more words

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A Handicapped Rose or a Special Rose??

Look at the Rose above.. isn’t it beautiful?🤩 But I’ll tell you that rose was not meant to bloom that way🙄.. it is a single coloured dark pink Rose. 373 more words

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Trust, the main ingredient 

I do love black and white photography

Cats eyes are so full of wonder.

I find it funny how almost every cat i run into likes to pose. 86 more words


My cat

I know. How original. My cat.

He’s my pride and joy. And so very photogenic. His blue eyes really pop with the green background and he just loves to have his picture taken. 35 more words


Be Deaf🙉.. Reach NEW heights🙋!!

I know that when you read the title, it might have reminded you of the Deaf Frog story🐸 which won the tower climbing race🙄.. but this article is something related to that but something different from that too..😝😋 295 more words

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