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The New Luxe

Fishtail braids started this whole thing, the need for a new twist on a braid. Remember the waterfall braid we all YouTubed a thousand times in order to master? 144 more words


Here's to the good in life.

I hope you take these moments and how they make you feel and you hold onto them for life. I hope that in this moment as you realize how amazing, how awesome, and capable, and stunning you are that you keep that realization with you forever. 139 more words

Smile for the Hell of It

Sometimes, all you need is a good, cheerful song to get you through the day. Music really does hold some kind of magical power over us. 68 more words


“It’s a long road to wisdom, but it’s a short one to being ignored.”


Flowers in Your Hair - The Lumineers

Tonight is Midsommar, so I’ll be wearing a crown of 7 types of flowers, dancing, singing, participating in general revelry, and then sleeping with said crown beneath my pillow in the hope that I’ll dream of the man I’m meant to be with. 96 more words