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I love flowers

I love flowers,
With their lovely colours,
their lovely fragrance.
They make me happy,
and rejoice my heart.

Poem source http://www.hellokids.com/


Yellow Color Cosmos Flower Wallpaper

No garden is complete without some cosmos flowers. Cosmos add colour and life to gardens everywhere. Cosmos are perfect for the beginner gardener because they are so easy to grow and care for and are pest free. 12 more words


White Carnation

God loves us all, big or little
First and last and in the middle
His love to us is no riddle
Solid love, is never brittle


Zinnia Flower in Pink Color Photograph

Zinnia is a genus of plants of the sunflower tribe within the daisy family.They are native to scrub and dry grassland in an area stretching from the Southwestern United States to South America, with a centre of diversity in Mexico. 19 more words


Pink Color Zinnia Flower Photograph

I’ve made many wishes,
I’ve dreamt many dreams,
I’ve prayed many prayers,
I’ve talked to God,
And I’ve seen,
What I thought was love,
Come and go.
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