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Flowers for Mothers

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and it’s a day usually associated  with the tradition of giving one’s mother flowers, at least in the UK and in North America.   440 more words



Sometimes I wish I didn’t have my mind.
Like, if I could just trade for a simpler, less attacking brain that didn’t find every way to drag me down, I would. 233 more words

Carnation Tattoos

Carnation tattoo can be associated with the concept of love, respect, and fortune. According to some beliefs, this flower first emerged on earth from the tears of Virgin Mary. 190 more words


Taking the long view

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by Irving, shows the Black Esk reservoir which provides us with our drinking water.  I have often meant to visit it but never have so perhaps this will spur me into action. 848 more words


Fallas footnotes:* flowers and flames

Throughout Valencia this week an enormous crew of cleaners has been methodically sweeping up all kinds of detritus–spent firecracker remains, broken glass, ashes, and confetti. I’ve got a few odds and ends to clean up as well, like a post or two that I intended to bring to you about Las Fallas. 599 more words


Of Frogs and Flowers- arranging your bouquet at home

Have you ever looked at an arrangement and thought: “How beautifully placed!”. A lot of the time we buy a beautiful bunch of flowers only to come home and feel like the magic is gone as soon as we unwrap them. 235 more words