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Life has meaning?

The meaning of life?
So much time is wasted searching
rather than living.
In the end, it matters not
from where the stream flows
that it does is the miracle. 38 more words


Require Fields on Other Objects to be Filled Out in Order to Create a Record (Quote) - Learning Flow 1.C

No one likes dirty data, there are lots of tools out there to help dedupe leads, accounts, etc.  But what about if a field isn’t filled out.   2,692 more words



‎Thursday, ‎November ‎28, ‎2013

My boat, my wooden boat
It crashed and crushed down
Such a clueless reality, i see only drowning souls
No further, my bitter heart plunged in unforgiving flows… 49 more words

Why European stocks are one of the world's best bets this year

Europe is one of the hottest trades in global markets this year. The Euro STOXX 600, a broad gauge of European equities, is up nearly 17% since the start of the year. 167 more words

Why, Process Builder, Why! (Updated - Humble Pie Edition)

I published a blog post last Thursday and pushed it up to the Salesforce Community. I am a big fan of the community because there is always lively discussion and sometimes, like this time, Salesforce legends pop up! 284 more words

Mind Blown

Find Related Records and Have Users Select Them in a Screen - Learning Flow 1.B

This blog post was originally called, “Add in a Price Book selection in the input Screen”.  That title doesn’t do justice for Dynamic Choices, so the title has been updated to, “Find Related Records and Have Users Select Them in a Screen”.   2,454 more words


Create an Input Screen for Users, Assign Variables, and Create a Quote - Learning Flow 1.A

This is the first post for the Learning Flow series to learn how to write and use Salesforce Visual Workflow (Flows) and the first post for Part 1, Main Quote Information, where you will learn how to use the Fast Create element, Screen element, and Assignment element in Flows.   2,695 more words