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Power of Point & Click Series - 4 : Auto-associate a new Lead with an existing Contact using flows !

Many of the people working with the Sales & Marketing team would have come across this situation wherein they get leads from people who already exist as contacts in your Salesforce org. 433 more words

Power Of Point & Click

Going with the flow: The global battle for your personal data

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

It’s a cliché that “data is the new oil”—a metaphor that dates back to at least 2006. Like oil, data is beginning to drive conflict, as different political blocs fight for control of how this valuable resource flows around the world. 1,350 more words



Lack of adoption is a common issue in almost all companies using Salesforce. A lot of strategies are usually woven to tackle this issue. Some of them includes setting up Dashboards(like a Wall of Shame), Gamification etc. 786 more words


Understanding OpenVSwitch (An OpenStack SDN component)

OpenVSwitch is an open source project that allows hypervisors to virtualize the networking layer. This caters for the large number of virtual machines running on one or more physical nodes. 1,117 more words


1298. Out beyond the fear, anger, pain and denial, lies a field of possibility. Beyond this a world of Love. I will meet you there... ~Julie Parker

Love lights our way through the darkness.
Love keeps us safe through the storm.
Love opens us to new beginnings.
Love is the glow of emerging dawn. 141 more words


#491 —My Love;

I gave you my love,
Like a stream ever flows, but
Never flows away.



ACOE 2016 Inflows & Outflows/If Only There Were NoFlows...SLR/IRL

Thank you to John Campbell, Public Affairs Specialist, Army Corp of Engineers, for these numbers comparing “flows” for 2016, 2015, and 2013.  I have been using since last week when presenting and wanted to share. 214 more words