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Lance Armstrong False Claims Act Case Advances Toward Critical Ruling

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has filed a motion for summary judgment arguing that the hotly contested False Claims Act case pending against him should be dismissed.  340 more words

False Claims Act

Operation Puerto still hangs over cycling ten years later

June 29th 2006. As the cycling world prepares for the centre piece Tour de France, their biggest race returned to the dark days of it’s recent past. 1,281 more words

What can cycling learn from the IOC's treatment of whistleblowers?

Another piece for CyclingTips, this time looking at the treatment of Russian athlete Yuliya Stepanova by the IOC and how this relates to the role of whistleblowers in cycling.


My brain hurts

Clearly, the Universe is hellbent on putting satirists out of business.

First, the Brits tell the EU to go pound sand.

Second, Floyd Landis will be fronting a whacky-tobacky enterprise, dubbed… 54 more words

The Hilldebeast

11 Athletes that Were Banned Because of Doping

Doping is a big issue the sports community is working to put a tight leash on. Just this week,  Maria Sharapova received a two-year ban from playing tennis professionally by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).   715 more words


Making dopes of us all

If cheating comes naturally to the human race, then it’s proven by the state of sport which leaves us asking what hope is there for tomorrow and what’s the point anymore, writes Ewan MacKenna… 1,769 more words