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Working on the Mindset

I know it probably seems like we’ve quit blogging, but we haven’t. I’m not here to talk about that though.

Lately I’ve been trying to work Narcissus back into a steady mindset of everything. 668 more words

Batteries, Dom(me)s and Energy

I’ve written quite a lot about my side of things – the power of sub-space, the “buttons” that get pushed for me in this whole thing, etc.   754 more words


The Runner's Return - five

She was waiting in the hall when they both staggered down the stairs a few minutes later. Gordon had Jenny’s arm over his shoulder and Karen could see that she still wasn’t yet close to fully awake. 367 more words


The Runner's Return - four

She reached across to the brandy bottle and held it up to the light. “Still some left. Did Jenny drink the rest of it?” Gordon nodded in reply. 528 more words


The Runner's Return - three

It took less than a minute. Gordon Lister climaxed uncontrollably long before Karen Hughes was ready. She could feel the flaccidness inside her, and suddenly the pleasure of the act was replaced by disappointment, but the feeling of power had only got stronger. 635 more words


The Runner’s Return - two

Gordon Lister was just as embarrassed. Maybe more so. He’d not only been caught somewhere he’d been under strict instructions not to go, but he was naked and getting obviously more aroused as she stood and stared at him. 604 more words


The Runner’s Return - one

Karen Hughes stopped outside her front door and checked the elaborate digital stopwatch on her wrist. She’d been running for one hour and fifty one minutes and had covered nine point three miles. 525 more words