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My FLR 7 - The acceptance

After the two-week therapy of isolation and brain washing My slave no longer dares to express any wishes to penetrate. At the beginning he thought that My decision of making him BAV is still negotiable. 578 more words

Female Led Relationship

bouguereau moves

i don’t think i’ve ever posted bouguereau’s Idylle on these pages:

i often had it in mind but it never seemed the right moment. But i was reminded of him when i bumped into some of his charming Women in the flesh (or so it seemed) in a curious short film by rino stefano, viewable online. 44 more words


No Pain, No Gain?

Thoughts are powerful things. I can’t remember whose quote that is. I think Napoleon Hill. I think about sex and Sweetness’s dominance of me a lot. 402 more words


My FLR 6 - Return from innocence

After 2 weeks of practically not being able to even see Me, let alone touch Me or interact with Me My slave was completely broken. A broken little boy left in the dark corner, shaking and crying, helplessly hoping for any attention. 773 more words

Female Led Relationship

[Nutanix] Self Service Restore 기능에 대해서

조금 오래된 내용인지 모르겠습니다.

vSphere나 AHV를 Nutanix 환경에서 이용할 경우 가상머신에 Nutanix Guest Tools(NGT)를 설치할 수 있습니다.  이 NGT는 가상머신의 정보를 Nutanix 클러스터에 제공이나 ESXi에서 AHV로 가상머신을 이동할 수 있는 VM Mobility 드라이버의 제공, Linux 가상머신에 어플리케이션 정합성을 이용한 스냅숏 작성 등을 지원합니다.  97 more words


Accepting the Rule

Erica was sitting at the kitchen table. She was peeling and carving a piece of ginger, intent on getting the shape right. In her mind she was going over what she intended to do about her home. 1,700 more words


He needs my Direction tonight

Right now I am thinking I will make hubby bury his face in my womanhood as soon as he gets home. I was reading a blog that made me think how important my direction is in his life for him to live. 144 more words