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Making Dinner

When I walk in you ask me to tell you about my day – we start some typical banter, I realize that everything I say is met with “mmmhmmm” and “oh, I see…” in an exaggerated way.   1,179 more words


The Scrabble Tiles Are Out Again

Long weekends seem to bring out the fun-loving spontaneous side of me.  Or, as Snake likes to put it, the evil and devious side of me.   682 more words


TMI Tuesday: Sexy Randomness

1. Hey, how are you doing?
I’m doing just fine. Thanks for asking.

2. You are given a strong but soft to the touch (and on the skin) rope. 348 more words



You may have seen on my other blog, DisciplinedBoyfriend, that we’ve changed things around a bit and embarked on a full Female Led Relationship.   The coincided with the arrival of the new chastity device, The Watchful Mistress. 209 more words



One thing I want when I get locked is security. To elaborate, the Key Mistress does have a tendency to leave her keys out, or worse, forget where she put them. 184 more words


Carpe Diem and All That

I’m sat in front of the open window for the second day in a row at my desk in vest and knickers, the cool breeze tickling my flesh through gauzy material and the silk crisp against my skin.* 489 more words


Guided Masturbation: The Excitement of Being Watched, Listened to and Guided

By: Mistress Valiant

This can be implemented for use on women or men, by the way, or take turns! For clarity, I am simply writing this from my perspective as a Dominant woman who prefers being in control. 1,049 more words