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Woman-worship in Victorian art

The Victorian aesthetic does not appeal to me. On matters of style, give me Jane Austen’s empire-lines any day, or the eighteenth-century, once the powdered wig had fallen out of fashion, or even the twentieth (setting aside politics and genocide and disease and pollution and war), but not the stuffy and stilted closeted religiosity of the Victorians, or the gaudy sentimentality of their painting. 469 more words

Female Supremacy

Submission, and Demanding More From Your Dominant Partner

There have been a few different posts by other bloggers lately talking about their desire to re-acquire that submissive feelings and attitude they crave.  The blogs are extremely popular and are amazing resources.   654 more words


Gynarchic fiction

Perhaps i am looking in the wrong places, but the body of good-quality Gynarchic fiction seems remarkably small, or else cunningly disguised behind the kind of self-published e-book cover with a computer generated man in a maid’s uniform  that no-one ever reads. 362 more words

Female Supremacy

civilisation has a narrow waist

If you are an Iron-Age people, patriarchy is probably a good idea. Survival is a question of brute skill; it is a matter of physical strain, sweat, and intimidation – or failing that, of throwing things and hitting things; of fending off the violence of predators; of building thicker, taller walls than the men on the other side of the forest; of fending off the ambitions of other (male) humans. 292 more words

Female Supremacy

Why is Gynarchy not more popular?

Or, as Princess Leonilla above might well ask, why are not more of you at My feet?

Gynarchy is the term given to Female power over the male, when established on the basis of gender and for no other reason. 1,252 more words

Female Supremacy

The female perspective on life and PAs

I know Snake is frustrated about the healing time of his PA.  It has been three weeks today and he is mentally raring to go.  He wore the Steelheart for a couple of days after it arrived because, after all, it is new and shiny.  434 more words


Why Do I Analyze So Much?

One of the things Charmer and I do to help in the communications area is to journal to each other every weekday.  We have a private blog that we write posts on to each other. 661 more words