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Sweat it out!

After being sick for about two weeks it felt great today to get in and sweat it out. Today I really just relaxed and got into a groove with the “Around the World”. 151 more words

Anchor Of Strength

Can't, Won't, Don't Wanna and Fear of the Unknown

Over at the Male Chastity Journal, Lion wrote about “Can’t and Won’t” – and specifically how enforced chastity has applied to their lives.  I thought it was really interesting to see the distinction between the two… and it got me thinking about how many things I’ve personally seen go from can’t to won’t to can to simply “yes, please.”  It’s a different view on Can’t and Won’t, but it’s just how my brain works. 1,044 more words


Book review: The Revolt of Man

The Revolt of Man (1882) by walter besant

Now this is a strange find! Here is a Gynarchy of two centuries in the future, conjured up in detail by a Victorian mind. 1,378 more words



A decision has been made. We are going to pursue a female led relationship. She is going to nor only have control in the bedroom but over 90% of things. 256 more words


All day she’d been teasing me, telling me that that night she’d be exercising her Domme side, something I was really looking forward to and, since it’d been so long since we’d had time to ourselves, I was also a bit anxious about just what that would be.   855 more words


The Dominant side of a submissive

I was reading through several conversations on FL recently and came across a conversation about submissive men with too strong a personality and it got me thinking. 608 more words

Punishment Panties, or....

I’ve heard of punishment panties before. For a sissy, these seem to be either very ruffled, elaborate panties, or panties that lock on, or panties well-suited to spanking: sheer or without a read end, so as to provide no protection. 771 more words