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He was summoned

To the cellar

For another

Discipline hearing.

The vast amount of candles

Warmed the air

With the aroma of vanilla

But he braced… 104 more words

Diva Leads

Tea and Strumpet

I was feeling kind of wicked

So I rung him for my tea

As he approached me

With a tray of tea and milanos

I extended my barefoot, slightly… 97 more words

Diva Leads


I don’t worry

That he will ever choose

To leave me

I worry

That if he leaves

I’ll never choose

Another pet.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016

Diva Leads

A Little Tantrum, A Little Torture

Every time

He has a little tantrum

He gets a little torture.

He plays the harp

Begging me forgiveness

For some nonsense

He shouldn’t have said. 83 more words

Diva Leads

Meet and Lock

I’ve come up with an idea for those men who should travel in chastity but can’t because of the security screening and other annoyances.   Its not so much as a meet and greet service more of a meet and lock. 334 more words


Hands around my Neck 

I long for your hands around my neck,

Watching my eyes.

So many feelings are on view.

The shock.

The fear.

The struggle.

The acceptance. … 134 more words



He is so stubborn

When I get lipstick on him

He will not wipe it.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016

Diva Leads