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Shut up and do as you're told

She came out with it today,

Shut up and do as you’re told.


That was unexpected, but so good.

So not only is she the boss in name, but she’s beginning to know it and live it.

I want more.

Memahami Peninggalan Gubenur Frans Lebu Raya: Anggur Merah ke Jembatan Palmerah?

Jonatan A. Lassa*

Membaca Gubernur Frans Lebu Raya sebagai sebuah buku yang awalnya putih, menjadi merah dan kini gelap. Transformasi dari Anggaran untuk Rakyat Menuju Sejahtera (Anggur Merah) menuju kantor gubernur seharga Rp. 1,394 more words

Anggur Merah

Das Design meines Femdom & BDSM Blogs steht.

Liebe Leser,

wie ich in meinem alten Femdom-Blog geschrieben habe, möchte ich meine Posts in Zukunft in einer stylischen und moderneren Umgebung veröffentlichen. Ich habe mir daher von Elisabeth Steinhaus, die einen sehr ansprechenden Blog zum Thema weiblich geführte Beziehung unterhält, erklären lassen wie man es am besten anstellt und bin nun bei WordPress gelandet. 142 more words

Weibliche Dominanz

Being dominant is not something you "do", its someone you "are".

I found the following article today written by a female of course on a female supremacy website and thought it made a lot of some good points although it was titled different and I only took from it what I felt was worth talking about. 1,516 more words

Captured masculinity

So, I mentioned chastity belts/cages and how they proved uncomfortable in the longer term.  Well, I thought I’d give mine another go for a decent length of time to see if I could make it work.   384 more words

Uh oh, I'm in trouble

So, this weekend was where we made everything permanent and I’m in trouble!

I surrendered the last of my money (a jar of 1 and 2 dollar coins saving for a rainy day) and we took them to the bank.   449 more words

Living a 24/7 Female Led Relationship

So – having torn myself apart, worked out I had a problem, suggested what needed to change, expressed and communicated what my shortcomings were and the impact of them on both of us – we jointly agreed the ground rules and how we would implement meaningful change and set some goals for a better future together. 883 more words