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Gynarchic extremism

Gynarchic fantasies often tend towards the extreme. People calling themselves Gynarchists online are more often to be found discussing the dis/advantages of castration than the means of reversing the gender pay gap. 292 more words


Of Rulings, War Games, Orgasms and Denial

I had started formulating this post in my head while I was in the shower this morning.  It was going to start with lots of silly sexy thoughts and images from yesterday.  977 more words


She Got Her Domme On...

Last night was a further night of setting things straight.  As we mentioned in the “reset” post, Charmer decided that things were just not where they needed to be, so she was resetting our D/s and FLR relationship.   904 more words


Paradise Regained

The Sisterhood is finished! To download a PDF copy, please click here: The Sisterhood

This is the second book of my fantasy series She Shall Have Music. 239 more words


Happy Kinky Father's Day

Before he left for work this morning, I gave Snake the Father’s Day gift that he had asked for.  I know I’m a couple of days early but I figured that our daughter wouldn’t want to see what he really wanted.  708 more words


FLR and D/s Course Correction Underway

I’ve been a busy snake of late.

With the game, the challenge prior to that, and Charmer’s good nature, I’ve been allowed orgasms on a very regular basis – sometimes to the point of torture (at least with ruined orgasms).   436 more words


The Hesitant Mistress: A Guide to Claiming Your Feminine Power (Book Review)

Well, I’ve read through The Hesitant Mistress by Dvanna Hightower… it’s a bit essentialist in terms of gender, and also a fairly 101 kind of book that mostly focuses on dispelling myths and helping women shed socially-imposed ‘mousiness.’ And while the whole assumption that women *need* help with assertiveness and self-esteem is pretty shitty, I also support some of the notions highlighted in that section: take up space, don’t apologize reflexively, etc. 711 more words