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Reluctant Dominance

I will warn that I’m writing a bit with the armor on right now after getting a bordering-on-hostile delayed response to some comments I made a week ago. 592 more words


A quick D/s fantasy: Breakfast

Author’s notes: So here’s a little fiction I wrote for someone yesterday to try to illustrate the power of D/s dynamics and how they can turn an ordinary every day activity into something erotic.  774 more words


Femdom v. FLR

I have been blogging for quite a long time.  While it hasn’t been as long as some, seven years and 800+ posts later I have seen several waves of bloggers cycle in and out and watched the landscape change a bit.  687 more words



To say that we have an open marriage would be a mistake.  Troy is not allowed to exercise his sexual freedom although I do give him quite a bit of sexual satisfaction.   233 more words


Femme Domme Short Short: I Love Sundays

Originally posted on Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/5922021/posts/4106966

It was a lazy Sunday morning as Devina scrolled through her texts, the sun fully realized outside her picture window. She lay there like a cat in the soft pool of light, reading through the messages: 403 more words

Erotica Writing

January 3, 2017

It begins again. Great credit and appreciation for Michael Hedrick and Devon Powell for their shared motivation.

We choose to “Row to Hell”



Being in a D/s relationship, along with a FLR, may seem relatively simple at first glance. Speaking from the submissive partner’s perspective, the role may seem pretty straight forward. 793 more words