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Dusk: A Haiku

Once he saw her frown

He knew she’d discipline him

At dusk he’d suffer

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016

Diva Leads

Six Word Poem: Comfort

I find comfort in his servitude.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016

Diva Leads

Wicked Butterfly

The surface of his ass

looked like a ripe mango.

He flinched when he saw me raise my crop.

The hairs on his backside looked as prickly as a thistle. 101 more words

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Scrabble Challenge of Olympic Proportions

It’s been three months since the last Scrabble challenge.    It might still be hot but summer is coming to an end and I thought it was time to break out the tiles again.   675 more words


He Gives Her The Reins

She was grateful for

the power

that was once beyond her reach.

A woman should always be her own architect with

the will

to be a strong leader.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016

Diva Leads

Home again

Well, we are home. It was likely the best holiday I’ve ever had! The weather was great. The beaches were great. The water was the nicest of any place I’ve been–crystal clear, warm without being too hot and a stunning turquoise blue. 798 more words

Chastity Cages

She Found Herself

She found herself in

Ecstasy by commanding

That he serve her needs.

Diva’s Loving Leadership (c) 2016

Diva Leads