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My First Figging

“I’ve coated your ass twice this week with Icyhot for missing deadlines and now you are late again with my 3pm report.” I wanted to object or say it was only seven minutes late but that’s only self-justifying poor performance. 703 more words



It’s definitely a buyers market for us lasses. And I am thankful to be on the right side of that market.

Submissives may not realise it, but every time they approach a domme they are ‘selling’ themselves, their personality, their skills, their intelligence and they are almost certainly doing it in competition with a number of other applicants. 557 more words

Ejaculation Log 2018

I love a good list-making opportunity, but I didn’t start out 2018 intending to keep track of each of Chaos’ ejaculations. However, I’ve officially added this Ejaculation  Log to the bullet journal I have for our dynamic, so there’s that. 733 more words

Fantastic Reality

Orgasm Control - Complete

“I was planning to let you cum today.” That’s always nice to hear especially with it being whispered into your ear, but there was a pang of fear as one word in that sentence was not nice to hear, the past tense ‘was’. 857 more words


Two Minutes

This morning, Chaos woke up slowly, and complained that they didn’t want to go to work. They’d already went through all three “Snoozes” and didn’t actually have a whole lot of time before they absolutely HAD to get to work, so I said in an off-hand manner “You have two minutes to come.” 106 more words

Fantastic Reality

Power Escalation and Intense Intimacy

Have you had a point in your life when you had never imagined wanting “forever” with someone? How old were you? The first time that changed for me, I was 28. 2,055 more words

Fantastic Reality

More On Triggers

There is an account on Tumblr called femdomdoneright which is my newest trigger and makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. It’s a blog roll of infomercials and factoids on Femdom and it’s truly delicious. 472 more words