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Thoughts on Kink vs. Submission

I received a comment on my last post that has inspired me to write another post (which made me very happy).  The post that I am about to write is not meant to detract from the views shared, it is merely something that set off a chain reaction of thoughts that I will spew onto this page. 1,264 more words


Time to Learn to Eat Your Cum

Poised over Sweetness, on elbows and knees, I was in an all-too-often position prime for her to turn me to putty. She began by grabbing my balls at the base of my cock while exhaling in my ear. 427 more words


A brief intro


My name is Ranjit. I am engaged to Trishla for about 3 months now and will soon be married. Both of us are working professionals residing in an Indian metro. 361 more words


a posters post

i started playing around with my photo edit software today. Some fun may have been had.

i sense a new hobby coming on.

Happy Holidays, will


Yellow Card/Red Card

After a long heart to heart with my beautiful wife a few weeks back, I suggested a system that would enable us to communicate more effectively and help her be more of the leader in our FLR. 613 more words

Burning Desire

She is always on my mind and I find myself increasingly consumed with the desire to get back home so I can serve her. Last night it looked like I would not be able to make dinner as I had two business meetings, late afternoon and early evening. 300 more words


At her feet

I saw this lovely image and words on beautifully bound’s instagram and sorta kinda borrowed/stole it because it so perfectly describes how I feel . 121 more words