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When Exactly is Flu Season?

At the start of the
school year, I ran into a colleague in the elevator. Sam told me he enjoyed his
summer break in spite of the hot and humid weather. 404 more words

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Flu prevention tips

I truly believe that old saw “an ounce of prevention ….” So, here are some super positive ideas about protecting yourself from flu this season. Good luck!



Watch out for Whooping Cough: the sym​ptoms

Louisville Health officials are urging the community to take precautions against whooping cough. There are twice more cases of the contagious respiratory infection compared with last Winter. 221 more words


Pregnancy: the importance of a flu shot​

The leading national public health institute of the United States – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released that getting the influenza vaccine (flu shot) reduces a pregnant woman’s risk of hospitalization from flu by an average of 40 percent. 142 more words


Keep Healthy with Vitamin D

Did you know that Vitamin D can help prevent the flu? Neither did I, I recently came across this article about a study conducted in Japan about the “Sunshine Vitamin.” This study found that children aged 6-15 who were given Vitamin D as a part of the clinical trial decreased their likelihood of getting the flu by 50%. 59 more words


5 Tips to Help Dodge the Cold and Flu this Season

  1. Take elderberry syrup. Studies have demonstrated that elderberry can lessen both the duration and severity of both cold and flu symptoms. In fact, in a double-blind, placebo controlled study…
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Wesleyan works to prevent flu on campus

Last year the flu hit Texas Wesleyan hard, starting in athletics and building up to 52 cases on campus.

Wesleyan had even smaller class sizes, do not enter signs plastered all over buildings, and a rush to get more hand sanitizing stations available around campus as a result. 1,358 more words