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Child deaths from the flu this season are the highest in years

Ten children have died from influenza-related illness during this flu season in Minnesota, topping the number of pediatric flu deaths in the 2009 “pandemic.”

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Health Department confirms 9th child death this flu season

Health officials have confirmed that a ninth child has died from an influenza-related illness this season.

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Recent Influenza Outbreak Seen in Dogs

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – While flu season may be winding down for humans in Illinois, that’s not the case for dogs.

An outbreak of canine influenza in Chicago has already killed 1,000 dogs, and city officials are calling it an epidemic. 195 more words


Hand Washing Basics: Fight the Flu with Clean Hands

Useful information; especially during flu season!

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♥ Tea Talk #3: Llamas, Slurping, Lord of the Rings ♥

Tea Talk #2:

I absolutely love Marci! I am thankful to be able to make a video with her!

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Lazy Anyday Afternoon

Hi Evfurry

We hope evfurry had a great Easter or Passover ..we did…well we did and then Mum broke ..BOL..

Mum decided she would take the Dr up on his offer of a Flu shot…she had it Thursday..she was half way through preparing stuff for the intruders and bang…off to bed .. 185 more words