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Norovirus Fun

Ah, sickness season. It can hit you at anytime without you even realizing it. Yesterday, I had the fun of taking care of my soon-to-be 18 month old daughter who got hit with it before any of us. 500 more words

Chanda Hin

Flunssakausi nousee uusiin sfääreihin...

Voihan &%€#?!#

Tulin vaan kertomaan että tautikierre jatkuu, ja oon niin valmis sulkemaan koko perheen johonkin anti-bakteeriseen bunkkeriin seuraavaksi pariksi vuodeksi. En saa mitään aikaseksi, liikunta jää, opiskelut jää, kaikki vaan jää, kun vuorotellen pyyhin räkää joko omasta tai Leevin nenästä, valvon joko oman tai Leevin yskän takia. 204 more words

My Thoughts

Vast majority of kids who died from flu weren't vaccinated: study

Health officials urge parents to make sure their kids get the flu shot, but scientists may be giving you another solemn reason why: vaccinated kids are much less likely to get severely sick or even die from the flu. 795 more words


Adventures in Mucous!

Even super moms miss a beat when facing flu season, right?

My elder child has been sick on and off for nearly a month now. It seems she has a strain of flu. 88 more words


And this, too Shall Pass.

The moment that gave me perceived immortality started on a gurney.  I had discussed my will and testament with a man who had ongoing contempt for me.   1,734 more words


What Cold and Flu Season Does to Your Dental Health

Healthy Smiles by Rita Tempel, DDS – This article was originally published in The Gettysburg Times, Wed, March 15, 2017

We’re not out of the woods yet—cold and flu season peaks between December and March, but usually lasts through May. 419 more words

African Americans Less Likely To Get Flu Vaccine Than White Americans

The U.S. is still in flu season, but many are choosing to forgo vaccination. A new study looks at how people view risks associated with the virus and the vaccine, how views differ between white and African American individuals, and solutions that may help counter misperceptions. 748 more words

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