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Battling Influenza

I’ve been out fighting a form of Influenza. Don’t know which numbers and letters—N3H2, N1H1…A, B—but it was a hard-fought battle and I remained victorious. 1,820 more words

Patti's Pathways

Episode 11 - I had to get the MMR shot again because of all the anti-vaxxers out there


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Linds getting the MMR shot…again.
  • Homeopathy at Humber college and homeopathic “dream proving”
  • Homeopathic treatment of HIV with the memory of diamond molecules…
  • 59 more words

You Get the Flu Way Less Than You Think

If it seems like you’re constantly getting the flu, you might be blaming the wrong bugs. A new study published in PLOS Biology suggests that after age 30, people generally only get the flu about twice a decade. 271 more words

Thoughts About This Years Flu Shot

The most effective way of protecting yourself from the flu is by getting the flu shot each year. A new vaccine is developed annually based on the three strains of influenza which are predicted to be the most prevalent that year. 660 more words

Family Health

New Tech Serving Doctors And Patients

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - There is no doubt that all sorts of social media tools are impacting our lives in both good and negative ways and more than fifty percent of Americans regularly text messages during the course of a day. 132 more words

Watch + Listen

78 flu deaths in Alberta; more than last two years combined

WATCH ABOVE: There have been more flu deaths in Alberta this year than the last two years combined. Su-Ling Goh takes a look at the numbers. 268 more words