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How cognitive biases contribute to people refusing the flu vaccine

If someone receives the flu vaccine, there’s a better chance they’ll get through flu season without getting sick. But because the flu vaccine isn’t 100 percent effective, they might still end up infected despite the vaccine.

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Flu vaccine more effective in 2016: Manitoba Health

WINNIPEG — As the influenza season winds down, Manitoba Health said it appears the flu vaccine worked well, especially compared to last year.

H1N1 became the dominant strain this year, and the virus peaked in the first couple of weeks in March. 144 more words


NACCHO Aboriginal Health Alert : Flu vaccines and other immunisation programs : What you need to know

“The flu jab is 50 to 60 per cent effective and is available free of charge of all at risk groups.

It varies from year to year, the vaccine is usually 50 to 60 per cent effective. 1,765 more words

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Flu – Not to be Taken Lightly – It’s NOT too late

People are dying from the flu! Now, this week!

Do you get an annual flu vaccine?

If yes, does that mean you will not get the flu? 871 more words


Public Health England says less effective flu vaccine may have contributed to largest percentage rise in deaths since 1968.

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'He said: “Although in most winters, the vaccine is well matched, winter 2014-15 saw the circulation of a drifted H3 flu strain, making the vaccine less effective than the typical 50% we had seen in recent previous years. It is possible that this contributed to the increase in excess mortality.”' What an understatement as a less effective vaccine will lead to an increase in mortality, otherwise why have a vaccine in the first place, if this will have no effect.

Kennel cough (canine tracheobronchitis) can be prevented!

Kennel cough (infectious canine tracheobronchitis), is a highly infectious respiratory disease affecting dogs of all ages. Kennel cough, is contracted when dogs come into contact with other infected dogs as a result of the spread by droplets of mucous. 222 more words

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The Doctor's Note: Do I really need an antibiotic?

Winter is finally over but coughs and colds are still common this time of year. Fighting these illnesses is never easy, but it is important not to cause more harm by taking unnecessary antibiotics. 190 more words