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Here’s to your good health…and a checklist for the season

Winter’s coming…time to prepare.   We’re not talking snow tires, skate sharpening, furnace checks or holiday plans. We’re talking flu season. No matter how healthy you feel or lucky you’ve been in the past, everyone needs a flu-fighting plan. 573 more words

Now Is The Time For Your Flu Shot!

Flu activity around the United States is low now, but expected to pick up in the coming weeks, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The time to get vaccinated, according to the CDC, is now. 725 more words

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How Effective is the Flu Vaccine

Every year we are urged to get a flu shot. They try to convince us that it is an effective measure against the flu. They have created a sense of urgency around these yearly vaccines and a false sense that it is absolutely necessary. 184 more words

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We're one step closer to a universal flu vaccine

As reported in The Scientist, a universal flu vaccine is entering Phase 3 trials (generally the last phase before FDA approval, which is a promising but not 100% good thing). 131 more words


The Most Dangerous Virus of All

As we passed the 100th anniversary of the killer influenza pandemic, former White House Ebola Response Coordinator, Ron Klain, reminded us that despite a century of medical advances the chances of infectious disease disaster are increasing (1).  760 more words

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I'm healthy! Why should I get the Flu Shot?

In this episode, we will look into how the flu is spread and why you should consider getting the flu shot!


Should I get a flu shot? Yes, unless you like killing people.

Ok, ok, that title may be a bit dramatic… but it’s not too far off. Be a good citizen and get a flu shot. The single best way to protect (you and OTHERS) against the flu is to get vaccinated each year. 542 more words