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Opinion: Let's clear up confusion about dietitians and nutritionists

Dietitians and nutritionists both focus on diet and nutrition to improve wellness and address health conditions. When choosing between a dietitian and a nutritionist, know that there are important differences in their qualifications, scope of expertise and legal requirements as practitioners. 543 more words

British Columbia

Opinion: My life as a PokeMom

I’ve never been a golf or hockey widow, and I’ve tried to avoid becoming obsessed with any trends to the detriment of family life or time with the kids. 619 more words


Opinion: Police use of deadly force much higher in U.S. than Canada

In both Canada and the U.S., police shootings and the use of deadly force tend to generate the most media attention, public interest and controversy in regards to police misconduct. 774 more words

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My interview with Sharyl Attkisson: vaccines, exposing the CDC

Source: NoMoreFakeNews.com | JonRappoport.wordpress.com
Jon Rappoport
July 22, 2016

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re aware that a film, Vaxxed (trailer), has been showing in theaters across America—and audiences are stunned by its revelations. 680 more words


Natural 'miracle' drink for the flu

If you’re like me, then you know that two things are certain every year – taxes and at least one bad bout of the flu (which is basically your body paying taxes in a way). 327 more words


Opinion: VCH investments shape health care and economy

A year ago, I participated in a Greater Vancouver Board of Trade forum on health care. The room was filled to capacity. Health care and its future is of interest to us all. 690 more words


Opinion: B.C. needs to tackle tax problems

They say the first step to finding a solution is to identify the problem. And B.C.’s tax system represents a real problem for the province. Without more competitive tax policies, B.C. 603 more words