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Go away nasty flu

I have been down with a flu for past three days, which sucks. See below my go for a flu healing smoothie bowl.

Immunity Booster Smoothie bowl… 46 more words


Feeling better...

Aside from still having the headache…I feel a lot better. Think I might go take a hot shower before bed…but I think it was like a 24 hour flu bug or something. 74 more words


Alternative Allergy Remedies

(WTNH) — Sure, flowers popping up and and leaves also now showing up on the trees, that’s fantastic. What comes with that is the pollen count through the roof. 343 more words


Video: More Allergy Fighting Alternatives

Check out the video above to see the full interview with Kulveen Virdee, Doctor from Revive Wellness Center in New Haven.

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Home sick... 

Not like mentally for the place of my birth… No that would be better, by far. I am home from work sick… With what I thought was food poisoning and now I’m thinking the flu because my body aches so bad too… And skin hurts to be touched. 60 more words


Ugh Is An Understatement

Not even two days after pops had passed away; Mitch was sick as a dog, body aches, fever and just miserable.  I felt for him and I tried my best to give him attention and care, but honestly I was in a such a daze of my own I wasn’t much help. 812 more words


Forget Prince Charming - could frog vaccine cure the Flu?

We all know the fairy tale. Kiss a frog and Prince Charming will appear. Well, what about frogs curing the flu instead? The idea that frogs’ skin can have medicinal or healing properties is certainly not a new one.   686 more words