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Sick And Snuggly

So my guy is sick, with man flu or some such thing :-D He s not overly snuggly most of the time – we hug many times every day (of not more than 5 seconds duration, usually), but mostly that s because I ask for them. 65 more words

The 5 stages of baby's first cold

1. Suspicion

It’s lurking, the lurgy is doing the rounds. You’ve watched grown men (aka your husband) fall. You contemplate daubing a red cross on your door and battening down the hatches, but you know, deep down, it’s already too late. 217 more words

Rants And Random Ramblings

Pollen Counts

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from hay fever, and this season is shaping up to be one of the worst in years. The late spring has compressed the season, and there’s been little rain to wash the pollen out of the air. 335 more words

A mushroom a day keeps the doctor away

We all know that viruses spread and affect people far more severely in the winter but what we don’t always realize is that there are many things we can do to improve our ability to fight the impact of these viruses. 262 more words

Mommy News

How (Not) to Get Through Woman Flu.

When it comes to being sick, I very much resemble the primal beast that is man. Like Man Flu, my sickness renders me inept from all daily activities. 445 more words