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Flu meds

I hate it when I need these. Don’t you?


Miracle Product: Dry Nose Relief

Well, I was back… Then I got the flu. In the summer. In case you didn’t know, having a summer flu is somehow even worse than having one in winter. 95 more words


Make at Home Echinacea Tincture-- Prevent or Shorten Colds and Flus Fast

School starts here on Monday and with it comes cold and flu season.  There are many benefits to having a large family with lots of children running around; but, one of the detriments is they come with lots of viruses/bacteria.  1,305 more words

All Natural

fresh yogi tea recipe - delicious & nutritious!

I made some fresh Yogi Tea last night and wanted to share this recipe because it tastes lush and has a lot of wonderful effects. 268 more words


One step closer for Universal Flu-Vaccine

Influenza vaccine research has one ultimate goal: finding the effective vaccine which generated stable antibody recognizing the influenza virus. Influenza viruses have notoriously known for rapid genome mutation, thereby vaccine formulated this year will not work properly for preventing the coming-years flu, making the flu vaccine needs to be administered on the regular basis. 392 more words


The ceasefire has ended...

There was peace for the last five days but the battle has begun again. Yesterday afternoon the enemy fired at me with kidney pain and stomach/intestinal issues. 83 more words


Whenever Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, speaks about pressing medical needs he often brings up the universal flu vaccine. One of the costliest public health scourges, flu kills an estimated 23,000 to 36,000 people a year in the United States and causes tens of billions in lost productivity, hospitalizations and other burdens to the economy. 383 more words