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New bird flu outbreak hits French foie gras exporters

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

PARIS (AFP) – A new outbreak of bird flu hit France’s foie gras producers on Friday just as a ban on exports outside Europe was about to be lifted in time for the crucial holiday period. 382 more words

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What To Do When You're Sick! Tips On How To Feel Better

The flu season has sadly approached us. I have been looking for some good tips/ideas on how to make a couple of days of being sick be way less painful. 393 more words


Achoo misinformed?

When flu is on the rise, so too is the quantity of information and misinformation spread about in coffee shops, school cafeterias, or online. Kids tell their friends that the vaccine is lethal, and websites warn of government conspiracies. 643 more words

How to make your flu the best time of your life

Unfortunately, yesterday I had a flu with a bad cold and a temperature (and that’s why  I couldn’t post a video on YouTube yesterday) so I thought it could have been a good idea to write a blog post about all the things I do to have fun during my illness. 385 more words


Opinion: City hall must act quickly to save Vancouver heritage homes

The City of Vancouver is finally considering options to create incentives for character house retention. After years of character and heritage houses being rampantly demolished and replaced by ugly new monster houses, it is way overdue for changes to address this issue. 983 more words


December Blues: How to Avoid Colds, Flu and Everything In-between

It’s that time of the year again.

While cold and flu can be pretty easily curable, often without medication, things can sometimes get a little bit messy ending up in complications. 431 more words

FITOGURA (Pereda Flu & Batuk) Herbal Indo Utama

Flu dan batuk memang bukan penyakit yang mematikan, namun jangan sekali-kali anda menganggap sepele ya. Penyakit ringan ini apabila dibiarkan juga bisa benar- benar mengganggu anda. 349 more words