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Natural Cures for the Fall Wedding Flu

It’s inevitable; the days are getting shorter, the cold chilly nights longer, the holidays are coming and you’re running around outside in the cold doing errands and shopping. 438 more words


Green Goo

Mr Alfajores (which is how the girls at work took to call the non-boyfriend) re-appeared after 10 days missing. As men who want to only have fun do, he used the infallible and super-original phrase “how’s your week been?” 164 more words


I Hate Summer

I hate summer.

With the onset of its equinox boiling in the sky, insects begin to bloom like teeming gardens. From wood, curtains, carpets one wanders through a seething soup of unwelcome life for three unwelcome months. 343 more words


A number of components strengthen immune health, including probiotics. Recent research has shown certain strains of beneficial bacteria could be helpful for reducing cold and flu incidence and duration. 55 more words


The Great Vomit Disaster.

I was right in the middle of a dream about being a modern day pirate that drove a large RV camper instead of a pirate ship, when my daughter’s voice awoke me. 494 more words

Day To Day Nonsense

Flu at epidemic levels, as number of new cases soars

More than 1.2 million influenza vaccinations have been administered as the illness soars to epidemic levels.

The last weekly ESR influenza report shows 319 suspected cases were reported in the week to Sunday, up from 184 in the previous week. 443 more words


The Vector Race: Chapter Five: Confessions and Consequences

“So let me get this straight, you’re telling me not only did you purposely expose yourself to a sick patient but you’re aware virus’ tend to, what did you call it?”  Doctor Randerson said, the look he was giving Jack didn’t surprise Jack one bit, he was more than aware of how crazy he sounded. 1,439 more words

Apocalytic Savior