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Party Hardy

A sigh escaped pink lips, the girl they belonged to sitting atop the tall structure and shivering in the cool evening breeze. She was hiding, for all intents and purposes from the rest of the world. 578 more words



“What’s it like, where you’re from?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, what’s it like? The people, the scenery. Is it anything like what we have here?” 498 more words


Eskimo {Kisses Collection}

An Eskimo Kiss…

“It’s just too freakin’ cold!”

The comment was met with laughter from the younger of the two, as the girl promptly lost all reserve she had had up to that point. 126 more words

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Vampire {Kisses Collection}

A Vampire Kiss…

It was a cold morning, with snow drifting past the window and clear sunlight making it all glitter like diamonds. He was minding his own business, standing with his back to the rest of the room and his eyes trained on the window, when he heard footsteps sound across the wooden floor. 103 more words


Simple {Kisses Collection}

A Simple Kiss…

It was such a simple motion, to be honest. A simple movement of one person shifting toward the other, a slight tipping of heads in opposite directions, one hand alighting on a shoulder, the other on the back of a neck, and then… 109 more words


Shy {Kisses Collection}

A Shy Kiss…

It was a quiet night, save for the wind whistling through the streets just outside the little shop, and the proprietor was going through inventory for the end of the night. 130 more words


Royal {Kisses Collection}

A Royal Kiss…

The ballroom swam with different colors as the dancers moved in elegant patterns in time with the music. Wide amber eyes surveyed the crowd carefully, the man they belonged to circling the brightly-lit room. 121 more words

Writing Challenges