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This is it

I can’t believe it’s the 1st of December already. Tomorrow is the first of December 2015, and I am in London. I’m sorry. I keep banging on and on about that, but I just can’t believe that I’m still here. 466 more words


Ending or Beginning?

Each spring, part of one of my flower beds is allowed to grow “wild” with milkweed, hoping to entice a monarch butterfly or two to stop by and feast or find a spot to lay eggs. 75 more words






Jin Hwan chống cằm và nhìn Han Bin rất, rất, rất chăm chú. Cậu đang “tập trung” vào trò đùa cùng các thành viên iKON trong vài phút giải lao của buổi luyện tập thường ngày. 938 more words

Han Bin

[BTS FF Freelance] Blanket Kick (Drabble)

Blanket Kick

Cast: Jeon jungkook, OC

Genre: fluff, romance, friendship.

Rating: PG-12

Length: One shoot-Drabble

Writer: iidonghae (@Mujtahidatul_A)

Disclaimer: jungkook milik tuhan yang maha esa. Setting punya saya. 783 more words




by Authumnder

featuring  Minghao xJunhui or Junhao 

genre slight!Comedy, Fluff-AU length 816 words, ficlet rating teen.

“Apa saking mengantuknya, Minghao mulai kehilangan kesadaran diri dan mencuri?!” 807 more words


[Suez's] After Date

Bae Suzy with Kim Myungsoo

Romance, fail! Fluff, friendship.

Our Day | Now

a drabble series written by zahrafifah

warning! bahasa aneh, bahasa non-baku 194 more words

Bae Suzy "Miss A"