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Halal Rice Crispy Squares

Some of you are probably already wondering why rice crispy squares wouldn’t be halal in the first place. No? Perhaps by now most are aware that it’s all about the gelatin. 370 more words


The Necessity of Planning

The beast stalks her unsuspecting prey. Approaching from the shadows as she eyes her dark-haired prize. Closer. And closer. Then with a ferocious “Wah!” she pounces, wrapping her arms around her sitting target from behind. 1,248 more words


All the wrong choices. (Ch8 - Hybrid theory)

Draco flopped, unceremoniously, at his desk. He closed his eyes and wished that he was back in bed.  It hadn’t even occurred to him that this morning, his face would be gracing the front of the Prophet as a seducer of the chosen one. 2,845 more words


Not a Good Day

Today is not a good day, little birdies, and neither was yesterday. Sometimes our health catches up to us in ways we can’t foresee. I’ve decided to stop writing my nanowrimo novel and give it a rest, which was a difficult but necessary decision to make. 65 more words


I woke up with a start.

Gasping desperately for breath. I could feel the sweat droplets dripping down my face, slowly slithering across my cheekbones. … 136 more words

Spilled Ink~ All My Writings

Taking A Step Back

Good morning beautiful birdies! Or rather…

Good morning, humble servants! (says the kitty kat)

Just look at that grumpy face! Just look at how cute it is! 236 more words

All the wrong choices. (Ch7 - Fall out)

“How do you do it?” Draco asked as the found themselves back in Horizont Alley.

“Do what?” Harry asked with a wry smile.

“People don’t give you any grief, they just do as they’re told.” Draco threw up his arms, exasperated. 2,499 more words