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IoT - Involuntary Patching

Just a little thought, the only clear way to deal with bot nets built from inherently insecure and unsupported junk that pour out of China’s endless Satanic Mills, is to patch them after the fact and regardless of the owners wishes.


[Ficlet] My (short) Boyfriend

|| My (short) Boyfriend ||

Written by Ayumu-Chaan.

Kim Jinhwan x Yoo Shiah (YooA)

Idol-Life, AU, little bit f… 476 more words


[Ficlet] Glasses

|| Glasses ||

Written by Ayumu-Chaan.

Han Gyujin x Nam Dawon

School-Life, AU, Slice of Life, little bit… 780 more words

WJFI Fanfiction

[Ficlet] about a Cat and Our First Meeting

about a Cat and Our First Meeting

by ayshry

Kim Seokjin – Tak Jinryu

AU!, Fluff, Romance/Ficlet/G

*** 639 more words


[Daydream Scenario] Stray Puppies


by baenilla (previously known as staerlight)

Mark Lee and Kim Yerim, slight! Choi Arin, Lee Chan, Chou Tzuyu, and … 391 more words

NCTFFI's Fanfiction

[Ficlet] Night Messages

Night Messages

BTS’ Kim Seokjin & OC’s Lee Yein | slight!fluff, college life | ficlet 500+ words | G

Ternyata hal inilah yang membuat Seokjin merasa cemas 523 more words


[Ficlet] Her Hair

Her Hair

story by ayshry

 E.Dawn –  Aylee Jeon

AU!, Fluff/Ficlet/G

*** 777 more words