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My Bunny Routine | Hoom our slave

Hello Everybun

today is all about Hoom and how we’re making her work for us!

“Aoi what the hell are you saying!”

First thing in the morning Hoom does is to provide us with food. 234 more words



via Daily Prompt: Provoke

So I would normally think of “provoke” in a bad way, like you’re provoking someone to do something bad 🍩🍪🍰 but as I currently write this my cat (Fluffy Bubbles) is provoking our tiny toy poodle(Max) and it’s pretty darn funny 😆


First Encounter

It was a sunny March day. I had just finished moving into my new apartment and I knew I could finally have a dog.

So, I went down to the local animal rescue and looked around at all the dogs that shouldn’t have been abandoned. 95 more words


Splashing Duckling

This is a colored pencil drawing of a cute, fluffy, duckling splashing around. It’s from the same birthday card as the lotus drawing.