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Saturday Serenity: Gentle Giant

The clouds over Lake Michigan this afternoon are primarily grouped together, traveling in packs across the water.  And yet, as I peered over my usual large coffee mug, floating by in my peripheral vision was this large, ‘gentle giant’ of a cloud.  35 more words


Pink parade

Een tijdje geleden zag ik een roos schapenvel passeren op mijn Instagram feed. Op dat ogenblik was ik verkocht en ben ik op zoek gegaan naar een betaalbaar exemplaar. 473 more words


Easy fluffy pancakes

Easy fluffy pancakes (8-9 small pancakes)

– 1/2 cup (60g)  whole wheat flour

– 1 egg + 1 egg white

– 1/3 cup (80ml) almond milk or light coconut milk… 307 more words


Little Mareep Sketch

Just posted a little Mareep sketch to Patreon.

Also, I recently injured my knee, so my drawing schedule has been made all wonky. Sorry for the delay of work!


Concept Art

Cute, Little, True Tails Of A Naughty Bunny. One

Introduction: I have a gorgeous bunny named Snow Cloud. Snow Cloud is a pedigree, double maned, ruby eyed white Lionhead. He is full of personality, more so than any other rabbit I’ve owned or met previously, however he can be quite a handful and I’ve noticed his naughty moments are more frequent so I’ve decided to write about them. 139 more words

365 reasons to smile ~ 209.

209. Don’t know if you can really ‘feel’ these or not … they’re my new ‘fluffies’ LOL … they’re like those super fluffy blankets, but sheet and pillow case form, and Oh My God, they make everything … just, like, way better ;) :)


Fluffiest Vegan Pancakes

The trick to super fluffy is with the baking powder. It may seem like a lot and it is. Also make sure you have something acid in there for it to react with. 104 more words