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Trumpet vs. Cornet vs. Flugelhorn

While all played by the same performer, the Trumpet, Cornet, and Flugelhorn are all in different families of brass instruments and all have different sound qualities.   620 more words


Horn Profile- Eclipse Flugelhorn

This is my wonderful custom Flugelhorn from Eclipse UK, a small brass instrument manufacturer based in Luton. The flugel is finished in matt black with matt gold lacquer highlights on the inside bell, valve caps, slides and tuning crook. 145 more words



Flügelhorn or Soprano Tuba

Most of us think of the Flügelhorn as a big, fat trumpet, but the reality is that it bears no relation to the trumpet family whatsoever.  1,023 more words


Piccolo Flügelhorn

Piccolo Flügelhorn or Sopranino Tuba

This is one of the rarest of all brass instruments, and I only include it for completeness sake.  It is pitched either a fourth of fifth above the standard B-flat Flügelhorn.  98 more words


McGinn's Farewell Elementary School Bands Concert

After 15 successful years as Director of Instrumental Music at Skyview Jr. High School in Bothell, Mr. Shawn McGinn is leaving for California in the coming months. 119 more words


“All aloud the wind doth blow”

Sir Thomas Beecham, the great English conductor, is supposed to have quipped, “Brass bands are all very well in their place – outdoors and several miles away.” But he might have liked the flügelhorn. 570 more words

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The Cape

Soloist (trumpet or soprano saxophone) and Orchestra (or band or jazz quintet). Painting 30″ wide x 24″ tall. Pastel and acrylic on paper.

The Cape… 204 more words