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A problem of fluid flowing through a hole

I’m sure you’re all already as bored of Christmas as I am so I thought I’d do you all a favour by giving you something interested to do to distract you from the yuletide tedium, 190 more words

Cute Problems

Flow around an airfoil

This is one of the earlier projects I worked on, but it’s a fascinating one, this process was done and will be done when before prototyping an airfoil profile for wings on airplanes. 909 more words


Mixing water in ANSYS

I will be using this study case as a tool to learn the side by side comparison that ANSYS allows me to make. This is a powerful tool for someone who wants to develop a component or try and optimize the performance of one. 935 more words


Flow around a cylinder

This is the analysis of a very classical problem, we’ve encountered it in fluid dynamics class (for those of you who had proper lecturers, I salute you). 531 more words