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What is Liquid?

There’s a lovely museum near to us.  In the museum courtyard there is a pond.  At the moment it has tadpoles in it.  Kam loves it, he catches the tadpoles, watches them for a couple of seconds and puts them back into the water. 671 more words



There’s a hidden vigor in the body.

Below the skin, the muscles, the bones, our fascia, and blood, and guts…there’s a buzzing potential in every single cell.   119 more words


96. It might be imagined that some propositions...

96. It might be imagined that some propositions, of the form of empirical propositions, were hardened and functioned as channels for such empirical propositions as were not hardened but fluid; and that this relation altered with time, in that fluid propositions hardened, and hard ones became fluid.

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On Certainty

Keeping Your Car Happy

We know cars don’t really have feelings but if your car did…would it be happy with how you treat it? Think about it for just a moment.  284 more words


Day 78: Night

“Fluid” – AMES