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Unleash the potential of analytic driven fluid navigation

Fluid UI features like tiles, homepages, dashboards etc. make navigating the application intuitive and easy to use. Fluid navigation combined with pivot grid based analytic could help you achieve greater processing efficiency.I have taken a common use case in HR business area and have provided a simple comparison of its execution between classic navigation and analytic driven fluid navigation. 428 more words


Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Ceiling treatments mirror mental activity. The white-shirted owner never quit moving during this lunch. He can’t. His mind is fluid.
Integrate As Above, So Below in your energy work when you SUBSCRIBE. 39 more words

Feng Shui

A Welcome Divorce

Marriage and Divorce in India is the business of every single person the parties involved have ever known. It is annoyingly astonishing how match making continues to be the numero uno occupation of the senior citizens. 1,448 more words


Sam Ash Fog Machine Fluid (1 Gal)

Sam Ash Fog Machine Fluid (1 Gal)

Water-based and environmentally friendly
Produces a pure white fog without any offensive odors
Universal; for use with most fog machines… 22 more words