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( Normally I’d post acrostic poetry on my “sister” blog iamericaicare.wordpress.com, but this seems appropriate here, as it is socio-political in terms of gender. Speaking of which, I’ve come up with an FtoM transpronoun to go with my MtoF. 91 more words


Whassup? "Making room..."

Honestly, for the past quite a few days, I’ve been summarily in that (Marathi) “sun-saan” mood. … Yes, in that mood, and for quite a few days…. 2,141 more words

Fluid Ink

Words have never came so fluidly
My ink spilled on the page
Soaking up the white
Closed my eyes
Saw a beautiful script
Seeping through the paper… 33 more words


Abstract | Liquid

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Description From Photographer if Any:

It is what it is… Liquid!

By wilcowesterduin

Source: 500px.com


Fluid/Temperature Regulation

this page:   Fluid retention –  NPE –  hypothermia –  hyperthermia

Fluid retention or oedema is the swelling that occurs due to fluid accumulating in the tissues, it may be localised to a certain body part or be generalised and affect the whole body.The most common symptoms are puffiness of the fingers, feet, ankles, legs and abdomen.

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Living As A Disabled Crone