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Here is who I can be caught watching, every week and sometimes even every day. 458 more words



Besides reading and watching movies and TV series, wasting my life on YouTube is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it is for music, how to videos or just watching other people having amazing lives, YouTube is the place to be. 176 more words


English Of The Day: Fancy

Flula: “I tried to eat items. You know, food? And I was in a restaurant to eat some food. But the salad that I did like it was having like a weird thing. 38 more words


YouTuber does Ten Push Ups for Female Veterans

YouTuber, author and actor Flula is the first celebrity to take the 10 Push Ups or $10 challenge for Final Salute, Inc – an organization helping to prevent female veteran homelessness, or to get female vets off the street. 80 more words


Video Rec: HeyUSA Season 2

Last summer, I fell in love with HeyUSA, a video series about Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart traveling around the United States in order to wear weird outfits, drink a lot of alcohol, and participate in hilarious adventures.  118 more words


Get Flula To See This!!!

Hello! I’m a big fan of Flula Borg and I would love to be able to interview him. I ask that you share this with Flula so that it may come true. 9 more words

Flula followed me on Twitter!!!

OMG!!! Flula followed me on Twitter. I’m so excited!! Even though i did tweet him over 50 times. I’m not obsessed or anything. But honestly, i just love him. 59 more words