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Can Washing Your Face With Tap Water Effect Your Skin?

We know that water is used in cosmetics formulations for lotions, serums, shampoo ect. Water is also a large part of the the manufacturing process which produces cosmetic products, along with the cleaning of the equipment used. 2,031 more words

Skin Care Education

US Government funded study confirms fluoride reduces childrens’ IQ

Fluoride Free NZ has sent a letter to the Minister of Health, David Clarke, drawing his attention to the research. You can read their letter at the website: 87 more words


A fluoride science project in Portland (guest post)

Portland  in 2013 was widely derided in science media as being “anti-science” because our city rejected water fluoridation for the fourth time via referendum.

Or if not openly derided, it was at the very least implied that our city was anti-science, such as in examples, … 226 more words

The Battle of Fluoride Against Cavities

Public drinking water in the United States has been treated with fluoride for 70 years. This is widely recognized by public health organizations as one of the… 736 more words

Interview with Dr. John Colquhoun 1998

Published on Jan 5, 2012

John Colquhoun, BDS, PhD 1924 – 1999 A dentist and historian, John Coquhoun lived in Auckland, New Zealand while pursuing a career as a researcher, dental practitioner and public health official. 915 more words


Welcome to the Hysteria Channel


It’s big, it’s bold, it’s chock full of Fake News.

Today I am unveiling a new cable network, The Hysteria Channel, which will titillate viewers with loosely researched episodes depicting conspiracies and secret societies throughout man’s time on Earth. 465 more words