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Fluoridated Water (updated)

There used to be a joke when I first moved to Nevada, it went like this: How do you tell a Californian from a Nevadan? The Californians have all of their teeth. 812 more words

Las Vegas

Fluoride for all possible

Courier Mail Domanii Cameron 19 March 2019 p. 7

FLUORIDE could be pumped into all water supplies across the state after Health Minister Steven Miles said he wouldn’t rule out making it mandatory. 38 more words

Water Analysis - Non-biological Contamination

The rot has now set in

Cairns Post Jackie Sinnerton 6 March 2019 p. 10

Call for fluoride mandate as tooth decay rises QUEENSLAND doctors are urging the State Government to mandate fluoride in all council water supplies as dental decay hits extreme levels. 10 more words

Heavy Metals / Trace Elements

Fluorosilicic Acid = Toxic Waste

Since the whole talk about fluoride at the City Council was a flop, and sheep mock and laugh at those opposing fluoridation. Laugh and mock yourselves for supporting to injest toxic waste. 32 more words

Motion to examine reducing fluoridation level goes down the drain at London city hall

A lengthy monologue about the perceived dangers of fluoride from Councillor Michael Van Holst didn’t lend anymore traction to a motion at city hall that would direct staff to look at lowering the rate of fluoride in London’s drinking water. 314 more words


City staff to examine lowering water fluoridation by 0.1 part

City staff will take a look at slightly reducing the amount of fluoride in London’s water supply, as suggested by Ward 2 Coun. Shawn Lewis in Tuesday’s civic works committee meeting. 357 more words


Canadian cities rethink removal of fluoride from tap water | CBC News

Two Canadian cities are doing an about face on their decision to remove flouride from drinking water after rates of tooth decay spiked, especially among children. 13 more words

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