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Day 18

My dreams have been really sad as of late, my supervisor (boss at work) would be shouting at me and telling me how bad I am at my job. 250 more words


Two Week Update!

When for a checkup at the doctors to check in on my progress (or lack of) on the medication. Told her pretty much what I’ve been saying on my blog pretty much, it was a good thing I started this. 80 more words


Days 11 & 12

As the effects of the medication haven’t changed much, I’ll be decreasing the number of posts I make about it.

Over the weekend, it was the usual; feeling extremely tired, yawning a lot, slight dissociation. 89 more words


day 10

Emailed all the stuff off to University! (Finally) So that’s now out of the way, thank goodness. Still, need to do my coursework but I have until Tuesday. 103 more words


Day 9

Feeling a tad odd, mostly disorientated. As though I am separate from myself. It’s a bit scary if I’m honest, I’m really unsure on what to do with myself, mostly since I got home and was alone. 90 more words


day 8

No physical change, I’m still tired and I shake a little when I wake up. No odd dreams.

I feel a lot better mentally, though, not too sure if that’s due to the medication or because things are looking up for me lately but whatever the reason, I don’t feel like I’m stuck in a murky fog anymore. 57 more words


day 7

7 days! One week!! Still alive!!

So that’s always good, sticking on this medication for so long and not missing a day. Honestly, with my memory I’m surprised. 228 more words