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Under Doctor's Orders?

Morning. Hoping today will be the last visit to the doctor in a very long while. We were both happy with the progress that has been made with coming off Fluoxetine and going on Mirtazapine, and despite the occasional hiccup, things are very good at the moment. 29 more words

Ian Fullbrook

I don't want to sleep

I just don’t care for sleep right now. I’m tired and drifting off but the nightmares are too vivid to deal with.

This afternoon while having a nap I dreamt that I was switching between realities. 154 more words

Week 1 on Fluoxetine

I figured I might as well use this to log my experience with the medication I’ve been taking for anxiety.

This first week hasn’t been so hot for me, but I already knew that antidepressants can make it feel worse before it gets better. 459 more words


White Coats

“Take this” they say

Skeletons with no duty but to prey

Drug pushers universally recognised as angels

Skeletons in an angel’s disguise

But my mother can only tell me to pray. 143 more words



Greetings. Just decided to mangle a well known saying to suit the current Ian situation. Today is the last day I will take Fluoxetine (20mg). Tomorrow I will just be taking Mirtazapine (15 mg just before I go to bed). 170 more words

Ian Fullbrook


Morning. Thought I may as well get an early night, especially after waking up at 2pm on Sunday afternoon. This I did, I set my alarm for 9 (am not pm). 130 more words

Ian Fullbrook


Afternoon. I think my Spanish roots come into play sometimes. As we know, our Spanish friends like to take an afternoon break and have a sleep. 241 more words

Ian Fullbrook