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Prozac and Pregnancy

Here’s to praying that by this time next year, we can add to our tree an ornament that says “Baby’s First Christmas.”

For the past three years, I have taken up to 10mg of Prozac (fluoxetine) on and off for depression and panic disorder. 561 more words

#trying To Conceive

Day 16 I think...

Hello! This is day 16 and this is what’s been going on.

Firstly I’ve been back to the docs. There was a note on my bloodtests saying one of them was abnormal and to make an appointment, so I did, only to find that my bloodtests are completely normal. 453 more words

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Day 14 prozac

So the trick to not becoming a zombie is apparently having people around you who want to do things! This weekend, I’ve been functioning. On Saturday, me and my partner went to London to see his Aunt, which was lovely. 370 more words

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Prozac day 11...I think.

I took my 11th pill today, but I’m still suffering from being completely switched off. Still no sign of uni work. Yesterday, I managed to get out of bed around 1, have a bath and then logged on my uni laptop and did absolutely nothing. 149 more words

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Prozac day 7.

So it’s been 7 days now. I had a lovely few days of calm, and now it’s changing a lil. I had a great weekend, me and my other half sorted things out, we went out on a Friday, I got very drunk and enjoyed myself – something that anxiety has stopped me doing for a long time. 182 more words

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When Medication Malfunctions

Fourth time lucky. My heart was pounding. You need to do this. My finger hovered above the call button. You need to do this. 2,132 more words


Fluoxe-teen. A poem.

Anti sad or anti me?

Give me pride or sympathy,

it’s not my fault

-though could it be

internal bigotry

between my heart and my head, 30 more words