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[Ding] You've got nail!

… and in the pleasant surprise category of Prozac side-effects, I’ve got fingernails!  I always try to grow them, sometimes with success, usually with failure.  Let’s face it, if I’m pulling food out of the trash with kitty litter in it for a binge, you can bet my nails have been eaten, too. 88 more words

Masturbation and the subtle O

I’m NOT writing this to be sensational.  I’m writing this because when I was researching Prozac (Fluoxetine) as an option to treat my bulimia, a few negatives kept popping up.   983 more words

Stocking for the storm - Bread, Eggs, Milk and extra Prozac

Success in anything requires good timing.  Good timing relies on planning.  My dark patch last week surprised me, but next time, I will be ready. 300 more words

Blacked out binge.

So this is why I stopped drinking for six months last year.  I’ve always been one of the bigger drinkers… feeling comfortable losing a little more control than most, but I’m in a very trusted circle of friends who share this past-time and watch out for each other.   642 more words

It's hard to binge with a clenched jaw. And this one is from LEGAL drugs.

That seems to be the latest side effect.  I noticed it yesterday… maybe the day before.  Clenching my teeth is nothing new in times of tension.   355 more words

Fluoxetine: A Year Reflection

Although battling depression is an extremely personal endeavor, some traits of the illness affect nearly all of its victims. It really is a brutal disease in that it attacks all phases of the person: your mind, body and spirit. 1,308 more words

Life Stories

Still here...

I was going to edit my post from last night.  Profanity and words that I don’t even understand are not my preferred way to write.  But then I thought, that’s what came out of these fingers in a dark time.   196 more words