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Smouldering baize between
ribs that wince
with the swelling of lungs
when you draw breath.
A heavy floating ball,
dislodged and heavy
like curved blades… 32 more words



Kun je, met al je menselijke fantasie, je voorstellen hoe het is om je zo euforisch te voelen dat je denkt dat je, in je uppie, de hele wereld aankunt? 678 more words

Fluoxetine: The Fluctuation (and a Pet)

So, my mood has been up and down in a strange sort of way but at the moment it feels like it may be back on the rise – I’m currently not low, just slightly detached from myself at times but a lot more interactive. 525 more words


Fluoxetine: The Impact

I needed a lengthy extension on my project but lost all motivation, or even ability to complete it. The course team worked hard with me to help but it just wasn’t enough, I was asking too much from my brain. 719 more words


"Sharing Stories" - Battling Depression; the aftermath of Bullying, by Samantha Walkden.

“My name is Sam. I’m 23. And I suffer with depression. I was diagnosed in 2011, at the age of 19, although I have recovered and relapsed a few times since then. 3,704 more words


Coming off of Prozac diaries part 3


Ok so I spent all day smoking weed and having beers alone. It was fun for a bit, then i got tired, took my pills and melatonin and went to sleep. 167 more words


Coming off of Prozac diaries Part 2

I wanted to wait longer before making part 2 but I have feelings and they’re good ones so I wanna write about them. So, I still have like a month of pills to go at 20mg. 383 more words