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I started suffering with mental health issues in my early teenage years. There was a lot of stress put of me by my school to succeed in my exams as well as problems within my family. 594 more words

Mental Health

Haiku, Even Dogs Take Xanax

“If you’re alive and – you’re not anxious or depressed – there is something wrong”


Tinder and the quest for a Nail

Art found here:

What am I looking for? I ask myself that over and over this past week. What is holding me back from moving forward with my life? 1,023 more words

FFS... I need a...

Blue Lenor is the scent that immediately transports me to my mothers house. Memories of her are tied up in the olfactory  trigger I usually avoid when perusing the multiple varieties of fabric softner in the supermarket aisle. 601 more words

Goodbye Muted World

Depression is something that’s been with me for all of my life. I’ve had ups and downs along the way. And this next step I am about to take is just another part of a very long journey. 144 more words


Cold turkey 3 months on.

After twenty six years of allowing myself to experience suffering, twelve years of soul searching and four years of being on anti-depressants I decided to go cold turkey and come off anti-depressants.   415 more words


Hugs and Drugs? My Medicated Life

Drugs are a big part of my life. I’ve been taking psychoactive substances since I was fifteen. This is the kind of stuff I say to earn myself street cred before I mention that they are prescribed and legal. 1,029 more words