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Taste Change

Some medications can change your tastes, I have experienced this since beginning my Fluoxetine.

I used to be a solid tea drinker, in fact I was drinking tea since I was about 6 years old, I started on Earl Grey and progressed to Builder’s and Yorkshire tea. 264 more words


Making Progress?

My dose of fluoxetine has been halved and I’m coming off it all together in a few weeks. All of this without major impact. I thought that I was suffering from “withdrawal” the first day, but it was just a surprise period. 91 more words


Have you heard of the acronym WWJD? It stands for “What Would Jesus Do?”, though I keep imagining the last two letters stand for Jack Daniels. 552 more words



I started my medication again today after a week long break and damn I can’t sleep. This is definitely one of my pet peeves about my meds, I love my sleep, but it’s just not happening. 256 more words


Journal Club: Starlings on Prozac: How pharmaceuticals may affect wildlife

SUMMARY: Recent research suggests that the commonly prescribed psychiatric drug, Prozac, occurs at environmentally relevant concentrations that can significantly alter behaviour and physiology in wild birds… 1,038 more words

Journal Club

About Me.

Hello. Today I am reflecting on yet another setback in my battle with depression. I find it terrifying that during the darkest moments it’s as if I am possessed and now that the latest ‘episode’ is still quite raw, I thought I should try to start writing about my experiences to try to understand ME better. 174 more words


Persistent Side Effects From Prozac/fluoxetine

Hello. I am male a 21-year-old male who developed ptsd after traumatic experiences and abuse that lasted years. The main symptoms of my ptsd were anxiety, panic attacks, worrying, sadness, poor concentration, imsomnia, bad memory, etc. 57 more words