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Let's Talk About: Prozac

My parents like to come visit me at the bar where I work. It’s not just to visit me, though – they also enjoy the food and vibes, and will go even if I’m not working. 626 more words


Coming off Medication.... (again)

I haven’t written anything properly lately… well at least for people to see, as I have been feeling pretty low in the last couple of months. 950 more words

Mental Health

Brain zapping update

I first posted about ‘brain zapping’ in Brain zaps… ouch!

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I’ve been struggling with autism related anxiety and depression. 413 more words

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Full Withdrawal 

I knew it was long coming but I’ve finally came fully off fluoxetine for the first time since I was 14. God, I was so terrified about a relapse that I kept myself from writing this post for a month but so far so good so I want to talk about it. 747 more words

Nothing: Poem

Take a pill of green and white

Save me from the fight or flight

And the plight

Of Depression

And needless aggression

Tension headaches

And aches… 92 more words


I just wanted to write a quick post about medication. There’s such a stigma that surrounds mental health medication and I really don’t know why? If you were diabetic, you wouldn’t hesitate to take insulin. 411 more words


Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Meghan. It’s time for an update on my life (sorry that was lame and not a fun knock knock joke but I was trying to do something different). 493 more words

Let's Talk About Feelings