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Lithium/Prozac Side Effects

Some of you know that once I started taking 20mg Prozac in October, it worked great on my mood, but caused my hands to shake. Then my psychiatrist upped it to 40mg in December or January (I canR… 11 more words


5 things I didn't know about Prozac before I started taking it

No, this isn’t BuzzFeed. But hey, let’s be honest, the list format seems to get them clicks, so why not?

This isn’t my first rodeo with antidepressants – I previously was on paroxetine, and had a horrible time when I stopped it. 1,048 more words

Medication Malfunction Part Two: #FluoxetineFail

So, it’s happened again! Medication malfunction number two…

Back at the end of last year, I was taken off of Sertraline, due to experiencing a severe rash reaction, on top of the extensive list of horrific side effects. 1,298 more words


Prozac for Pups

As I have mentioned countless times before, Sasha’s biggest challenge is reactivity to other dogs when she is on a leash. Don’t get me wrong, she has improved greatly in the almost 8 months that we have had her! 667 more words

Dog Training

Saving Sasha: 7 Months Later

February 10th marks 7 months since rescuing Sasha, and boy has she come a long way! We have been trying some new exciting things this past month in order to help her reactivity improve, which is still her biggest challenge. 422 more words


Dead Snakes

Sometimes, some of the most terrible states of mind give rise to the most hilarious situations. One such example is as follows:

I was right in the midst of just casually losing my mind and had recently attended a patronising and dismissive mental health assessment – which felt to me at the time, to be the end of the world. 404 more words

Bad Dreams