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Sliced Tomatoes (an Event Score, after Mieko Shiomi)

Hold a tomato in your left hand.
Now hold a different tomato in your right hand.
Look back and forth at both repeatedly.
Contemplate why one is a fruit, and the other a vegetable. 81 more words

Creative Writing

Are we really becoming more creative?

One area that is at the forefront of developing the relationships between people and digital technology has been the arts (Wands, 2007).

Digital art is an established art form and can produce inspiring work, so much so that the first ‘Information is beautiful’ awards were held this year in London. 771 more words

Episode 6: Noise vs Silence - Yasunao Tone

Yasunao Tone is a Japanese sound artist closely associated with the Fluxus movement. Having started out composing experimental pieces for traditional instruments like the violin, Tone eventually embraced new technologies as a means of generating sound. 39 more words


Episode 6: Noise vs Silence - John Cage

It really doesn’t matter what the YouTube trolls say, John Cage’s 1952 composition 4’33” is truly a revolutionary piece of music. Embodying the quiet subtlety of a Haiku poem, the near-silent composition requires the audience and musicians alike to reevaluate what constitutes a work of art by encouraging them to absorb incidental sound. 82 more words


Yoko Ono at MOMA

I didn’t really care that you entered through the gift shop. It gave me a chance to get my shopping out of the way. I bought a Surrender To Peace button. 1,617 more words

Go with the flow

A few years ago, I randomly walked through this exhibit about Fluxus at the Moma with my friend Gaspard. I did not know anything about it but it appealed to me right away. 298 more words

Costa Rica

Episode 1: Future Schlock - Fluxus

Music journalist and cultural theorist, Simon Reynolds, described Sonic Youth as the “ultimate portal band” in his book Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction To Its Own Past… 109 more words

Sound Art