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You Are a Turning Point

Dr Magnus Gestsson came up with this slogan. It served as a motto for the general public at a cultural event where we represented the fluxus movement. 15 more words


Christian Marclay at White Cube

I recently found myself reading ‘Lightness’, one of Italo Calvino’s essays from ‘Six Memos for the Next Millennium’.* (I say ‘found myself’ because the book was sitting on the table at which I was sitting at…reading it was not part of my plans for the afternoon.) The essay is structured around various literary sources – hardly surprising I guess as that it is writing that Calvino is addressing – and it draws on classical literature and in particular the work of Lucretius and Ovid. 742 more words


What is Fluxus? - An Essay by Mark Bloch

What is Fluxus
By Mark Bloch
July 9, 2012
Fluxus was an international group of thinkers, artists, composers, performers and designers that first networked themselves together in the late 1950s, then became a performance collective when they took their name in 1962, then a way of working with time and materials and eventually an art movement creating work in several dimensions and media that lasted from the early 60s through the late 70s and beyond on three continents, blazing the aesthetic trails that were to define the next half century of art history. 615 more words


Day de Dada at the St George Festival

Day de Dada at St George Day, Saturday, April 25, 2015.  Join Day de Dada for a mail art workshop.  The theme is ‘wishes’ and we will have all the materials ready for you to create mail art to send out or to be displayed at “What Do You Wish?” at the Staten Island Ferry Culture Lounge this summer July through September. 54 more words

Day De Dada


By Jerry Vis

For ten plus years, I was exclusively involved in the New York City Avant-garde art world. There were reasons for my initial involvement and equally compelling ones for not stopping, but meandering. 3,200 more words


Newsletter by Ben Vautier

Hello Ben here
I’m back
time flies
too fast
of current exhibitions,
I should be happy
But no they agonize me.

we are in 2015… 2,791 more words