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Feb 25th

How would you describe your state of mind when you’re improvising?

Homework: create scores

Inspiration from Fluxus event scores: The Fluxus Performance Workbook

Fluxus and Beyond: Performance and Assemblage

Fluxus was an international movement that had begun in the 1960’s. It traversed three nations: S. Korea, Japan and the U.S. This artistic movement was not meant to be serious in any way whatsoever. 297 more words


Happy Birthday, Yoko Ono

Few performers are as perfunctorily dismissed as Yoko Ono. Whether it’s her perceived role in the breakup of The Beatles, her Fluxus art/performances, or the admittedly difficult and often banshee-like caterwauling, that accompanied some of her avant garde rock experiments, few names elicit such vehemently negative appraisals. 238 more words



Put one memory into one half of your head.
Shut it off and forget it.
Let the other half of the brain long for it.

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Chance Operations Art

I have been researching Chance Operations artists. The three artists that I will individually discuss are Hau Pei Jen, Shigeko Kubota, and Milo Moiré.

To begin, I will start with Hau Pei Jen. 415 more words

Subiecte examen #Istoria artei după cel de-Al Doilea Război Mondial, Adrian Guţă. Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik () & Arta video, Fluxus (1932-2006). Artist corean, pionier al artei video, inspirat de  Karl Otto Götz, s-a preocupat de posibilitățile televiziunii și televizorului ca mediu pentru arta sa.  1,022 more words