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Tahukah Anda? 1

Kebanyakan kerata sedan seperti kereta saya Protom Saga Flx mempunyai butang di dalam bonet kereta seperti gambar di bawah. Apakah fungsinya?

Ini merupakan salah satu ciri-ciri keselamatan yang ada pada kereta sedan. 96 more words


I really don’t think that I know anyone that doesn’t like watching fireworks. Actually I should rephrase that… I don’t know any human being that doesn’t enjoy watching fireworks. 321 more words

Do the Lakes Freeze?

A question many people ask is do the Finger Lakes freeze? Unfortunately the answer to that question isn’t a simple yes or no answer. Some of the lakes freeze and some of them don’t. 473 more words

Snow Means Cold and Cold Means Winter

I figured that I would follow my last post about snow with a post about winter. After all, snow usually means cold and cold usually means winter. 430 more words


Last weekend was the first “real” snow of the season when towns around the Finger Lakes got anywhere from 4-24” of snow. I refer to “real” snow as more than a dusting to an inch. 461 more words

Advice From a Lake

I came across this quote one day while scrolling through Pinterest. Since then I have seen it a few more times, once at a store, once on Facebook, and then once when I was looking for images to post with my blog. 373 more words


Another popular activity in the Finger Lakes is hunting. As with other states there are different seasons that you are allowed to hunt certain animals with certain types of firearms. 347 more words