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brainwashem' young- Maxine's amazing Gold Medal

i’m both speechless, sporting a huge grin, absolutely amazed and just all-around happy-extatic  for what this means for children, girls, women, any fly angler/caster and the future of fly fishing in general. 206 more words

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colourful spey casting

some yummily-tinted flying fly line eye candy for us today by my Swedish buddy/casting virtuoso Roger Håkansson.

enjoy !

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Scottish Gathering 2014 in Elizondo, Spain

this year’s Gathering was great but a little strange.

firstly, this year’s Scottish meet was in Spain. i can’t go into the hows or whys of that but that part was cool as it’s always nice to visit a new place, even more so that i didn’t have the time this year to turn it into the usual three week casting and fishing affair and it was only 600km round trip from home instead of the usual 3000 or so. 400 more words

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Tournament Casting and the Proper Equipment

by Louis Stopford Darling 1907  via openlibrary.org

always amazed by what a little searching on the net can bring, here’s a nifty little 130 page insight on how casting sport was practiced over a hundred years ago in the US. 168 more words

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Fly Casting- Mental preparation

competition fly casting, at least distance casting isn’t my thing.
as much as i might have a great time watching others partake and know full well that there’s a lot to be brought back from it to the fishing world (similarly to how Formula 1 racing technology comes back to our everyday cars), i’ll learn a lot from it but i don’t enjoy it myself. 714 more words

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Distance Fly Casting: Two very different styles

with very similar results.

here’s Fredrik Hedman and Stefan Siikavaara, both cool guys, Swedish and two of the better fly distance competitors in the world. as you can see, there’s a heck of a lot of training and thought behind each one’s style. 59 more words

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