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Chesapeake Cobia and Fly Design: What fly pattern works best?

I did not have a good year sight casting for cobia.  Over four days in July and August, I hunted these fish, armed with my 10 weight and a number of hand-tied flies.  547 more words

Fly Fishing

Breaded Carp

or, a Bread Fly for Carp.

ok, bread isn’t a natural food source for animals but a lot of them like it. a lot.
as far as our scaled friends are concerned, whether they find access to it because people like to toss bread crumbs in urban lakes and ponds for ducks or whatever other creatures that might be in there, or if crumbs are used to lure them in by fishers, they somehow find it irresistible so it makes all the sense in the world to use bread imitations even if those imitations don’t look in the least bit like bread… but that’s another story in itself i suppose. 117 more words

Fly Fishing