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Muscle of the week: Shoulder Exercises

Shoulders can be a tricky muscle group to workout. Defined shoulders can give the arm a great, rock hard defined look. Shoulders seem to get neglected by most people and they don’t realize that they are an important part of not only strength but physique as well. 233 more words

Training Session: 11/24/2013

Dynamic Warm Up:
arm circles, push ups and some body weight squats

Chins: 24 reps
3 sets of 8

Dumbbell Press:
45lbs for 10 reps… 68 more words


The Best Exercises for Building Bigger Shoulders

You’ve got legs like tree trunks, a barrel-shaped chest, bulging sleeve cannons and a back so wide it blocks out the sun. So what’s missing? A broad set of strong shoulders. 719 more words


Upper Body Dynamic Workout for Football

In my last post I detailed my plans going forward to play Cornerback at a Division 1 school, the training approach I will use to get there, and the first workout within that program.   535 more words

Physical Exercise

Beginning of Week 2 - Strength Training

Did pretty well with week one.  Man the leg workout kicked my butt (literally).  It took three days for my legs to return to normal.  But I loved the soreness and I am feeling the soreness in my shoulders and chest too.   186 more words


Day 2-Chest and Tricep’s(new workout program)

Day 2-Chest and Tricep’s

On Day 2 of this program I have created we will hit Chest and Tri’s. When starting with Chest I usually superset all exercises except the first exercise. 208 more words


Pro Muscle Complex update and Beast Mode!

Pro muscle complex update

So did it work ? Don’t know actually. Not what the ad said thats for sure. But obviously that was expected. However… 505 more words