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RTV Nymph (Red Tag Variation)

The “Red Tag” is a classic fly pattern that originated in England around 1850 out of the vice of Martyn Flynn.  The “Red Tag” is extremely versatile because it’s characteristics allow it to be fished nearly every application including moving water, still water, and even salt water. 711 more words

Fly Tying

The Iron Blue Dun

I want to discuss the Iron Blue Dun (it is too much hassle to write Iron Blue Dun all the time so I will refer to it as ‘IBD’ in this post). 702 more words

Fishing In Ireland

McCloud and the moon . . .

Just a few weeks . . . And this truck will be disappearing into a vortex of dust . . . and wonder . . .


Lighter March Brown

As mentioned in my last post, I thought that the currently available March Browns available are a bit on the dark side. It was with this thought that I sat at the vice and came up with something that I was happy with. 131 more words

Soft Hackles

The Pink Thing

The pink and white fly landed with a soft splash about a foot into the line of tightly packed mangroves. Slowly sinking into the clear green water, it came alive as the tide ebbed slowly. 305 more words


Some Simple Truths

I’ve been taking it pretty easy of late (hence the quietness of the blog for a while) – poking along doing a bit of work and keeping to myself. 847 more words


Closing the gap--fishing the McCloud River

It is LITERALLY–one month from yesterday before I make the early-morning trek to the region that holds a magic like none other for me.

I’ve tied a few flies. 308 more words