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Andersson's Skin Head _ Brian Wise tying video

Another brilliant video from the guru Brian Wise: the latest in the series of Andreas Andersson’s streamers. Roll through the full series.


Book Review (actually more of an author review): John Gierach

Any time you enter into a subculture, there will inevitably be some recommended reading involved.  Or in some cases, it’s required reading and you need to read an author’s entire collection.  1,962 more words

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Last (planned) dry tie fly for the year - Sulphur Dun

To complete my collection of suphur flies that are very yellow and “can” tend towards chartreuse, here is my yellow sulphur dun. Key notes that distinguishes from a production fly: 111 more words


The Squirrel and Ginger Caddis Emerger tying video

When it comes to soft-hackles, feathers get all the juice. That’s perfectly understandable. But certain furs – like fox squirrel – make excellent hackling material. The results are often deliciously buggy. 211 more words

Steve Culton

Palmering, Pilgrims, fly tying history, the Worm and the Plague

thanks to this great comment left by reader Phil Foster on yesterday’s brainwashem’ young- Julian’s Wouf-Wouf salmon fly in regards to my mentioning “in the fly tying world, ‘palmering‘ means winding a hackle around the hook shank, not pulling hackle fibres back before winding/palmering the hackle to the hook shank.” 488 more words

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you Dumb Bunny !!!

what’s better than a bunny streamer ?  a Dumb Bunny streamer !

besides being a bit different, what makes the DB maybe better than most ? 214 more words

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