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fleeting time...

our time together was such a powerful draw…but alas so fleeting…the beauty remains in the mind

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Fly Tying: Anodized Pink Beads

In years past, the color choices available when selecting a bead for tying a bead head nymph were more limited to gold, black, copper, and silver. 286 more words

Fly Tying

Things Worth Reading: 1/20/2017

“Things Worth Reading” might be turning into a weekly thing – that’s going to be the goal, at least! This week we’ve compiled five articles and videos highlighting some different things ranging from artwork to split shot tactics to old school streamer fishing, and even have two tying videos in there too.  294 more words

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Guide Profile - Brian "Koz" Kozminski

Networker.  Conservationist.  Educator.  Fly Fishing Evangelist.  Communicator.  If you are at all plugged into the Michigan (or beyond) fly fishing scene, chances are you are aware of the man everyone calls “Koz”.   1,151 more words

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The holographic anchovy is an all purpose pattern that is effective on everything from trevally to kahawai and kingfish that feed on small baitfish. It works exceptionally well when cast to feeding fish and retrieved rapidly away from them. 265 more words

Alan Bulmer

Thanks TVTU and on to Marlborough

The threat of freezing rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the members of the Thames Valley Chapter of TU. We had a great crowd for “The Little Things,” and some intriguing post-presentation discussions. 156 more words

Steve Culton

PHWFF January 11, 2017 - "Fun with a new technique, rod building sign ups and meeting recap"

Our January 11th meeting was a pretty busy one! Some of you who have been in our program over the last few years, might remember that this is the time of year where we split the class in two for a few sessions. 179 more words

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