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Tuesday Tutorial: CDC Wing Green Drake

I’m crazy about CDC, and it’s kind of a weird material to be enamored with since it comes from a duck’s ass and all. But I love it for lots of applications, most importantly, realistic wings that hold a dry fly right in the film where fish are most likely to take a swipe at it. 139 more words

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'Orange' you glad it's Monday? No? Then maybe a few of my favorite hot spots will help to cheer you up.

If Monday’s just aren’t your ‘cup of tea’, then maybe be a few of my favorite orange hotspots will help to get rid of the Monday blues. 494 more words

Fly Tying

Flicking bread into wind....

So… I guess this is my first article and let me start off by saying if your wind forecast is anything like mine… Don’t go fly fishing… With nearly 40km/hr winds coming directly towards me from the water, casting a fly into the water was the equivalent to trying to urinate between two fans while intoxicated, but I did have plenty of fun. 263 more words


Works-in-progress: Hendrickson spiders

I don’t usually share patterns in the development stage, but the energy of these flies and the promise of spring has me feeling reckless. I’ve been prototyping some Hendrickson spiders, playing around with different colored threads and silks, hackles, and tailing materials. 57 more words

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Saltwater Taffy articulated streamer!

The Saltwater Taffy is an articulated streamer completely made of synthetic materials and is modeled and adapted from multiple articulated trout streamers and Striper patterns. I wanted a fly with a lot of movement, and with the translucency that a lot of saltwater flies are known for, so I present the Saltwater Taffy. 368 more words


Free fly tying demo!!!

Join me at Little River Outfitters Saturday February 18th while I crank out some streamers and chew the fat about all things fishing in East Tennessee.   27 more words

Simram Bonefish Fly: HD Bonefish Flies, Part Seven

“The Simram Bonefish Fly is a great shrimpy pattern that has a ton of action in the water.” – Capt. Jesse Males

The Simram Bonefish Fly was another request by one of my followers on… 252 more words

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