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If it's Monday, this must be Paris

Boy, it’s nice to be back in a city.

And I know Paris is a tourist mecca and a lot of people think it’s dirty and that the people are rude and it’s been listed in various travel articles as one of the world’s most over-rated cities, but I like it. 421 more words

PHOTOS: Roman Holiday!

A few days after our wedding, Jim and I went to Rome for a ‘minimoon’.

It was Jim’s first trip to Italy and my first time back to Rome in over a decade. 65 more words



I’d been planning a trip to Berlin for some time. I say ‘planning’. I mean ‘thinking about planning’.  The actual planning ended up happening in the space of about three hours in a flurry of mouse clicks, skim reading, and shit maths that had to be redone with a calculator. 2,607 more words


Friendlies Season 3 – Episode 3 the one on the island (repeat of Series 2 - Episode 2 but with an alternative ending, hopefully)

50 minutes by plane from Birmingham to Jersey. Ridiculous really when you think about it – it used to take me twice as long some evenings to get home from work in Small Heath via the Coventry Road, a distance of under 10 miles. 1,968 more words

Club Talk

Vegan options on flights

Sitting in the airport waiting to go on a long flight to America, I realised that I have not pre ordered a Vegan meal. To be honest I hadn’t really considered it, because I have just become accustomed to the fact that I don’t get to eat much when I fly… 528 more words

No bike? No problem

Important lesson learned today: buy a bicycle trailer that turns into a wheelbarrow!

This sounds random I know, but today I congratulated myself on purchasing… 179 more words

'Holidaying' with a toddler

Last week we went to Spain to stay with my parents-in-law. With Theo.

To say I was apprehensive about flying with a very active toddler was an understatement. 778 more words