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Final Flyday (for now)

Three months ago I started the Flyday series to share photo’s and stories with you of different flies I encountered this year. For me it was fun to do, because it helped me sort the pictures I took, while learning more about various flies. 461 more words

Flyday: Dance fly

…or as I would’ve called them: Monster fly. If I had to create a monster for a horror movie, I would definitely use this fly for inspiration. 177 more words

Flyday: Marmalade hoverfly

Today the spotlight is on the marmalade hoverfly (Episyrphus balteatus). It is ubiquituos in the entire Palearctic region and it is one of the few hoverflies which can be seen year round. 94 more words

Flyday: Lesser dung fly

In previous posts, we got to know flies that pretended to be bees or wasps. Today’s fly puts on a different costume; it dresses like an ant! 146 more words

Flyday: From fly to zombie

Today it’s not about a specific fly, but about a fly-killing fungus: Entomophthora muscae.

Over the last few weeks, I found several dead flies hanging on leaves with white threads coming out of their bodies. 279 more words