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Flyday: Lesser dung fly

In previous posts, we got to know flies that pretended to be bees or wasps. Today’s fly puts on a different costume; it dresses like an ant! 146 more words

Flyday: From fly to zombie

Today it’s not about a specific fly, but about a fly-killing fungus: Entomophthora muscae.

Over the last few weeks, I found several dead flies hanging on leaves with white threads coming out of their bodies. 279 more words

Flyday: Greenbottle fly

This Flyday, it’s all about the greenbottle flies (Lucilia sp.)! Yes, these flies have a funny common name :) And they are very common. I am almost certain that this fly is the most common fly in my garden. 221 more words

Flyday: Eristalis arbustorum

This flyday, it’s time to focus on Eristalis arbustorum, a hoverfly. This species has no common English name, but the Dutch name is “kleine bijvlieg”. Turns out this species is pretty adaptable! 257 more words

Flyday: Common Flesh Fly

During the summer months I photographed a lot! Fellow nature photographers can probably relate ;) While sorting and editing the pictures, I noticed that quite a few of my pictures featured flies. 70 more words

Happy Fly-day!

Just want to play with words and want to see you laugh on Friday. It is the end of the week and it’s time to celebrate! 9 more words

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