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Trout and Cast Iron?

The delightfully witty episcopal priest, Robert Farrar Capon, once praised the wedding service in The Book of Common Prayer for being full of “death and cast iron.” I love the poetry of that description, and I hope, when people look back on my life and work, they can say (with slight modification), “Now, Kristofer Coffman, there’s a man whose life was full of trout and cast iron.” For me, to be full of trout and cast iron means to be full of the edges in this world where the beauty of God’s creation meets the stark fight for survival. 206 more words


Make a splash with gurglers!

A gurgler is a topwater fly. So just like your run of the mill “walk the dog” lure, they will produce insane eats and some seriously heart stopping action. 137 more words


Time for some Fly Rehab

Even good Rogue River steelhead flies like the G.R Hare’s Ear and the Carpetbagger Nymph need time off for rest and recuperation. Take a look at this past weekend’s successful guide patterns. 134 more words

Rogue River Report

Grace is ... Contagious Diseases, Clotheslines, Leaf Hatches and Mammograms

The title of this entry reflects a bit of transition.  The last 10+ days were marked by a contagious disease that took over our household and led to sleepless nights (and mornings), bribes of vanilla ice cream and chocolate milkshakes as early as 5:45am and as late as 9pm, uneaten fruit accumulating layers of mold, and half a dozen packs of Ramen.  591 more words

October Third, Just a "Slight Change of Weather" Steelhead

The hoped for rain didn’t quite materialize and the afternoon forecast called for high winds. That made steelhead fly-fishing on the opening day of Oregon Rifle Deer Season the best option. 16 more words

Rogue River Report

Fly fishing the Kenai Peninsula.

I finally got to fish in the Kenai Peninsula. It has been on my bucket list for a while. Plenty of guys would come into Orvis in Bellevue talking about their trip to Alaska and how awesome it was to fish here. 96 more words


Watch Your Line

I wish it was an azul piñata, stuffed with sweet treats and a token of some happy event. Or maybe a dazzling blue wind chime softly ringing in the breeze beside the lake. 334 more words