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Timing, as they say,is everything!!

Timing, as they say, is everything!!

Every 2 months my wife and I take the drive up to Sedona Az to go to the natural water spring in Oak Creek Canyon. 440 more words

How many Flies do we really need?

How many Flies do we really need?

I have no idea, but I like everyone else, I know I have bought way too many! I got to thinking about this subject, as I find every time I go to the Fly shop I am drawn to all the Fly displays. 267 more words

Movie: Nymphing trout

Please watch in 4k if possible. This can be changed in the settings of the Vimeo player below.

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Rogue River Summer Steelhead

I’m still searching for that early Rogue River summer steelhead. The river looks perfect, but I guess the number of early fish is not good enough yet. 45 more words

Rogue River Report

Smoke Bomb in a Tree Fort

Hidy Ho Good Neighbors,

It was my eleventh summer and a group of my neighborhood buddies and I pooled our resources and engineering prowess to construct a very fine tree fort. 794 more words

A Bowhunter Goes Fly Fishing - Part II

Hello and welcome! If this is your first time reading Life and Longbows, STOP here and read my last post before proceeding. You won’t have the back story otherwise. 1,127 more words