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Pokemon TCG: Flygon/Duskonoir! (Deck Review #1)

Hey everyone! I have been wanting to bring this to the blog for a while. I haven’t had time to play ORAS lately, but I have been working on a deck for Nationals! 389 more words


Dragon Rage was Super Effective!

The wedding is in two weeks and things are starting to slow down a lot so I finally had time to relax and actually finish my drawing. 47 more words


Illustration - The Desert Spirit.

It’s time for the legendary 20×30 watercolor!  Not sure why, but I keep picking less-than-optimal subjects for this one.  Last semester, it was a dragon that never saw the light of day on this blog.  435 more words



Here’s a mug design I did for my friend Kaitie featuring her Pokemon team.

Pokemon #3 - flygon

here is tha finished version of flygon :D i kinda liked it and kinda not so hope you like it or whatevs


Sketch day 5 - flygon

im not proud of this sketch, i liked the finished version better :D btw was gonna upload a sketch of sanji from one piece but forgot to take a picture of the sketch before i finished it -.- 8 more words


Top Picks - The Top Five Things that I want to see in the New Pokémon Meta Game

Let’s be honest here. Pokémon is definitely not perfect. Game Freak knows this and they are constantly trying to change things up. The addition of dream world abilities helped, but the execution on that one was pretty bad. 1,482 more words

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