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Getting Good Habits Early

Teachers invest a great deal of time in enabling children to learn their seven times tables, until 6 X 7 = 42 becomes a very automatic and speedy output. 651 more words


When a Man Shares His Kite

Hope was excited the minute that her feet hit the sand.  She’d spotted a kite flying in the sky.  Look Mommy a kite!  Daddy, Daddy I see a kite!   396 more words

Special Needs

Flugdreki | Flying a kite

♦ Föstudagsmyndin: Flugdreki á lofti í sumarblíðu í Fljótshlíð.
♦ Photo Friday: Time for play! Flying a kite in Fljótshlíð, South Iceland.

Ljósmynd tekin | Photo date: 27.07.2016

Áslaug Jónsdóttir